Loudest Bluetooth Speakers in 2018


Living a hot and happening life has its own demands. One of those is to have the latest songs blasting out of the smallest portable speakers. Bluetooth speakers filled this gap with grenade-sized specimens blaring off party anthems at top volumes. Even if you are at home and need to share your sound with everyone else, loud Bluetooth speakers could get everyone’s attention. The upside? You might not have to move a finger to get the audio started. Also, the unsightly wires can be tucked out of plain view. The loudest Bluetooth speakers can power up the mood of everyone around you and you can take the fun with you wherever you go.

Which Bluetooth speaker is loud enough for my home?

This requires an explanation of speaker specs that decide its loudness:

Sensitivity:Speaker sensitivity is a measure of how loud the speaker will play at a given power rating. It is specified in decibels. For example, a speaker with 89 dB sensitivity will produce audio at the volume of 89dB when placed at 1m distance and given 1 watt power. Higher sensitivity speakers will produce higher sound at a low volume.

SNR: Signal-To-Noise ratio denotes how clear the sound is.  Any audio signal will have both useful acoustic information and noise. This noise resides as a buzz in the background of your song. Higher the SNR of your speaker, the more useful audio you hear compared to noise, hence the volume seems higher.

Other factors that need to be considered while buying a speaker:

Power: If you are hooking up your speaker to power source or amplifier, you need to know how much power could be too much. Wattage of 10 watts says that the speaker can take up to 10 W of power without damaging itself. Wattage does not determine loudness directly. That is based on sensitivity.

Frequency range: This affects the quality of audio rather than quantity. Human ears can hear in a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz. So if we compare two speakers, one playing in the 50-20,000Hz range and another in 70-20,000Hz range, the first one will have better bass extension. 50Hz is good threshold to hit for a speaker.

What is NFC?

Many Bluetooth speakers also offer NFC pairing. Near Field Communication or NFC is a short range communication system like Bluetooth. It can be used without internet. Because of the low power NFC chips involved, you only need to bring two NFC-enabled devices in proximity and they will pair. As many smartphones now offer NFC, you can simply tap the NFC-enabled phone with the speaker and you are done pairing.

Which are the best loudest Bluetooth speakers?

There are many Bluetooth speakers claiming to be the loudest. To choose the best ones out of them required uncovering some dirty truths and hidden talent. We picked the 10 top loudest Bluetooth speakers based on:

  1. Loudness: Duh! Revisit the title. We looked at speakers that have high efficiency at considerable wattage, so that they can light up mid to large sized rooms. However, loudness wasn’t considered independent of other 2 factors mentioned below.
  2. Sound Quality: There’s no point in having a loud Bluetooth speaker if all you hear is static or bloated bass. We looked for Bluetooth wireless speakers that also have a balanced audio response with responsible bass. Distortion at high volumes also limits the loudness level indirectly. If you have a 110dB speaker but it distorts over 70% volume, then your speaker cannot classify as loud.
  3. Portability: Since we are talking about Bluetooth speakers, mobility is on top of our minds. The best loudest Bluetooth speakers are lightweight or smartly designed to be carried around frequently, be it within your quarters or while travelling world-wide.
  4. Features: Other features like genius support apps, speakerphones, water-proofing etc. also lend credibility to the status of Bluetooth phones.
  5. Budget: There were some highly expensive speakers like Devialet Phantom which we excluded from our list because of their limited audience. The best loudest Bluetooth speakers list is for low to upper-mid economy buyers.

Loudest Bluetooth Speakers in 2018 – Chart


NameBluetooth RangePrice



NameBluetooth RangePrice


 1. UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker 100 feet$$$4.4 
 2. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker 30 feet$$$4.4 
 3. Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (A3143) 33 feet$$4.4 
 4. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III 30 feet$$$ 4.4
 5. UE BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker 100 feet$$$ 4.4
 6. JBL Flip 3 Splash proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker 33 feet$$ 4.4
 7. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II 30 feet$$$ 4.4
 8. Minirig Bluetooth Speaker 30 feet$$4.3 
 9. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker with aptX/AAC 33 feet$$4.3 
 10. Sony SRSX5 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System with Speakerphone 33 feet$$ 4.3
  1. UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersWhen UE graduated from UE Boom, it went Megaboom, not just in size but also in nature. UE Megaboom Bluetooth wireless speaker has gone through the same transformation that Robert Downey Jr. went through with time, the best got better. It is slightly expensive compared to other entrants we picked but UE aces in all aspects of sound including loudness. Its all-round performance shoots through the roof of the best loudest Bluetooth speakers list.


UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker packs a ton of useful tricks in its uncomplicated design. Its can-like shape holds power and Bluetooth pairing button on the top. A rubber panel runs down its front with oversized volume buttons for tactile advantage. The bottom part has a micro-USB charging port and a 3.5mm auxiliary jack to connect music playback sources. It also carries a nifty camera mount and a D-ring on this side. You can lodge it on a tripod or leave it strapped to your bag.

This wireless speaker has an IPX7 rating which denotes that it could be submerged in 1m water for up to 30 minutes. That settles your plans of pool-side partying. It is fairly dust proof too. It wins both physically and acoustically as the loudest Bluetooth speaker.


The curved contours of UE Megaboom wireless Bluetooth speakers produce 360 degree sound, so you won’t have university jocks bickering to have speakers turned towards them. It can host multiple Bluetooth devices allowing you to play from two playlists at a time. Two Megabooms or a Megaboom/Boom combination can be wirelessly connected and used as stereo speakers. Although this might seem like a costly option, it is actually worth it considering the audio quality of UE Megaboom in wireless mode. At 1.93 pounds, these speakers are compact to carry around. They retain the battery life for 20 hours on a single charge. That’s enough to blast Tory Lanez’s Controlla remix through the weekend!

Megaboom features NFC paring which Bose SoundLink Color does not. Megaboom is also water-proof and dust-proof. On the whole Megaboom is much more wear-resistant than Color. Speaking of colors, Megaboom comes in 4 vibrant ones.


The loudness of audio played by the UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker defies its size. The tight bass is powerful without getting Boomy. The audio response is agile when it comes to fast beats. The 360 degree delivery creates a huge impact up to its maximum of 90dB sound. If your speaker is supposed to direct sound towards one side from a corner, then Megaboom might be too cool for that. It is the pepped up speaker that grabs your attention, sitting in the center and spewing music in all directions.

There are speakers like Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Bluetooth speaker, which can get louder. But Megaboom is highly portable and plays without distorting. In fact at higher volumes, it proactively tones down the aggressive bass to create more balance in the sonic output. The sub-bass depth may be a little lacking for some users. Treble is crisp and devoid of sibilance. The audio output is lively without being too bright. A couple of these can take the sorority party to the next level. It plays with definite upper-hand even over the refined sound quality of Bose SoundLink Mini II.

Bluetooth 4.0 is responsible for UE Megaboom Bluetooth speaker’s wireless connectivity. It has an improved range of 100 ft. It supports A2DP. Apt-X, which is known to improve Bluetooth audio performance, is not supported. UE has created a dedicated app through which you can control the volume, create stereo pairs or power off the speakers. Siri and Google Now allow voice integration.


  • Loud and compact
  • Tight bass, crisp treble
  • Tap controls can be activated by app
  • 100 ft. Bluetooth range and 20 hour battery life
  • 360⁰ sound with controlling app


  • App needs to be fixed for minor bugs
  • No carry case included

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  1. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersAll good things in life come in small packages. And Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker fits right into this saying. This petite thing can blast ridiculously loud music for its size. Its exuberant design is almost adorable and hides the core of a full-blown party animal. With the signature sound from Bose, it is hard to find fault with this portable wireless speaker. Its formidable spirit tossed into an attractive package cannot be kept out of our best loudest Bluetooth speakers list.


The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker is roughly the size of a double sandwich. It stands 5.3x5x2.1 inches in dimensions. The narrow top face has all the buttons while the sound is delivered from one 5.3×5 face and half of the other. It is one of the lighter options out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.

Apart from the power and Bluetooth pairing buttons, the top face has the Aux, Play/Pause and volume navigation buttons.On the other side of this wireless speakerare a micro USB port and an auxiliary input port to connect to audio sources in wired mode. Tablets, MP3 players can be plugged in via this port. The whole package is only 1.25 pounds in weight. If your next destination is Ibiza, then you can take the Colorthere to groove to Encore Une Fois all night.


The life of a Bluetooth connection lasts 8 hours per battery charge on the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker. This is sufficient for an entire night. Fully charging it takes around 3 hours.Voice prompts guide you through the connecting process. The Color can connect to two Bluetooth devices at a time. As soon as the audio stops from one source, it plays from the other playback device.

The SoundLink Color wireless speaker can remember up to 8 devices connected recently and helps you reconnect to those faster. It does not feature a speakerphone like UE Megaboom does. It is completely devoted to playing music. Bose disposed of the proprietary charging port for a micro-USB one, which is much easier to use on the go.


Audio output is where the Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker really shines. Once of the loudest Bluetooth speakers from Bose, these will shock you with the big bang out of a Walkman-style box. And it’s not all just quantity. Quality plays fair with all Bose equipment.The balanced sound is supported by a deep bass and refined treble. Both these pillars of strength also haul the mids up to an enjoyable level. The sleeker Mini Jambox is trounced by the Color in terms of bass.

The mids of the Bose Color Bluetooth speaker are cleaner and more detailed than the JBL Charge 2. The detail resolution gets sketchy when you play highly complicated music. But the overall audio quality far surpasses any speaker in its price and size range. The loudness is good enough to sustain a house party with hormone-fueled teenagers making enough noise of their own. It does not compromise with quality when the volume soars. The maximum volume delivers around 90 decibels. Color tries to tone down the sibilant aspects of the music to curb distortion.

As opposed to UE Megaboom’s 360⁰ sound, most of Color’s audio comes out of a single face. If you are placing it in a corner, this produces more of an acoustic impact compared to Megaboom. So Color portable wireless speaker is well suited when you want your music system sitting out of the party’s way. It has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very loud and balanced music
  • Can connect to up to 2 devices at a time
  • No distortion at high volume
  • Can remember 8 recently connected devices


  • No speakerphone
  • Not as robust as UE Megaboom

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  1. Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (A3143)

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersAudio from Dual 10W drivers involves enough science to be insanely loud. And that’s how Anker premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 speaker rolls. This bread loaf of a speaker offers thunderous bass to get the pool spilling out dancers and water. Be it a home sermon or a family gathering, it plays its cards right and earns a place at the heart of the fun. It croons its way into the best loudest Bluetooth speakers list.


Anker A3143 Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is all elegance in curves. Like Angelina Jolie at Oscars 2012, this speaker is a fatality in all black. The body is entirely made of plastic to cut costs. Instead of the demure matte finish that its predecessors like SoundCore sported, the Premium has a flashier look.  The speaker-front is covered with a thin fabric mesh that keeps the dust off the metal grille. A rubber footrest at the bottom yields it traction when placed on any surface. This wireless speaker is 8.27 inches long and measures 2.36 inches in width and height. The weight remains at 1.75 pounds which is still less than the bulk of UE Megaboom. At almost the same price as Anker, The Bose SoundLink Color looks much more polished.


All 4 buttons are arranged in the top surface of the Anker Premium Bluetooth speaker. These are for powering on Play/pause and volume change. They have the distinct inexpensive look but they function well with a click that confirms the button press. There’s no Bluetooth connection button. You can pair it by pressing down on the playback button continuously.. The speaker can automatically reconnect to the last connected device. An LED light on the power button informs you of the remaining battery life.

Bluetooth has a range of 33 feet on one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers. Its 5200mAh lithium-ion battery can stay afloat for 8 hours per charging cycle. The life varies by volume level. You can also plug in an audio source via the 3.5mm port.


Anker A3143 Bluetooth speaker is a stereo speaker.  Its body encloses two dual 10-watt audio drivers which bring the same power as Bose SoundLink Mini. It has double passive subwoofers which power up the low end for a deep, satisfying bass. Bass is ever-present at low volumes. It continues to rock without distortion till high volumes. You might find it a little more wanting in details than the Bose SoundLink Color. But at Anker’s reduced price you really can’t complain. It has the highest value for money out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.

The quality of midrange depends on the orientation of the speaker. If you are facing it, you will definitely hear the refinement of the vocals and orchestral instruments. Off to the sides, they sound tame. If we compare bass and mids, bass takes away the cake with this wireless speaker any day. Treble detail is adequate and matches up well with the expectations set by bass. It shows hints of sibilance only when you go ballistic on the volume levels. Whether you are at home or having a poolside soiree’, this speaker has the volume and power for every occasion. Given the current price, the audio output is surreal.

Bluetooth 4.0 used in the Anker A3143 Bluetooth speaker connects swiftly. The pairing is maintained without any unusual drops. Stereo separation cues are discernible if you walk up close to the speaker.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Very loud and enjoyable sound
  • Thumpy bass, detailed treble, adequate mids
  • Highly affordable
  • Dual audio drivers and subwoofers


  • Plastic finish may look cheap
  • Mids sound refined only when speaker faces you

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  1. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersIf there’s a speaker list, Bose tends to dominate it. So it’s no surprise to find the Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speaker featuring so soon after the SoundLink Color. To be fair, SoundLink 3 is louder than SoundLink color, but comparing the design constraints and price, we ranked the Color higher. There are some key features which make the Color more usable. However, the Bose SoundLink 3 always had a sure-shot place at the best loudest Bluetooth speakers list.


Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speaker is designed like a flat brick. That makes it easier to pack in a travel case compared to the curvaceous body of Anker A3143 speaker. The music plays out of a 10.1×5.2 inches face. It is 1.9 inches wide. The whole assembly weighs 3 pounds. You should go with SoundLink3 if portability is not a major concern. Otherwise the Color wins this move.

The whole body of this portable speaker is covered by metal grille to allow sound outside. The button panel is done in silicone and embedded in a plastic panel. After a decadent night, it will not be stamped with fingerprints in the morning. The button configuration is the same as the SoundLink Color with one change.  The Play/Pause button has been replaced for a mute button. Mute is useful if you are around the speaker and need to turn off the audio. But it is no substitute for Play/Pause.


Bose builds for sound, not distractions. The SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speaker conforms to this norm too. It doesn’t have a lot of gongs per se. Apart from the buttons, it has a USB point which is not used for charging.  It is used for a firmware updates. The speaker charges via a custom charger that ships with it. This means that if the charger fails, it cannot be replaced by another wire lying around. This point swayed us in favor of Bose SoundLink Color portable wireless speaker big time.

A playback device can be connected via a 3.5mm plug and activated using the Aux button. Like the Color, SoundLink 3 does not have a speakerphone either. It survives 14 hours on battery as opposed to Color’s 8-hour life.


Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speakers are the loudest of the Bose lot.  They have a bass-focused sound with great emphasis on higher bass frequencies. Although bass is powerful, it isn’t distorted. The SoundLink Mini 2 has a better bass presence at the low volumes. But at higher volumes, SoundLink 3 starts enforcing its power. Its bass has a substance to it that Mini 2 doesn’t have.Like the Color, it also rolls off its bass on high volumes to avoid distortion.

The mids of the SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speaker are also boosted in the lower frequency. This, along with the weighty bass, creates the impression of an overpowering low-end.  In some tracks like Ain’t no Sunshine, it performed well. However, some vocals displayed a lack of refinement, thus making it sound a little muddy. This is especially true in case of the complicated mixes, where it can’t keep up with the changes in the sonic output.Highs are done well. But they don’t get sibilant to run with the deep bass.

Bluetooth connection holds up effortlessly within the 33 feet area. There’s no AptX support but we don’t think that makes a lot of difference in such small speakers. The Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth speaker is louder and clearer than almost all speakers in its price and size range. It has the deepest bass out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.


  • Very loud and lively
  • Warm sound with powerful bass
  • Has a mute button
  • Flat design is easy to hold or carry


  • Uses proprietary charging point
  • No other perks to justify the price

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  1. UE BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersArmed to the teeth with features is the UE Boom 2 Phantom Bluetooth speaker. This one has almost the same features as the UE Megaboom but only in a smaller package. If your college dorm needs to be woken up, then this boombox is all you need. This one is loud enough to set fire to your boring night. And it’s light enough to be carried in your backpack. The rugged, waterproof speaker can blast itself through all barriers to the best loudest Bluetooth speakers list.


UE Boom2 Bluetooth speaker resembles a water bottle.  It is 7 inches tall and has a 2.5-inch diameter. Compared to Megaboom’s bulk, this weighs only 1.2 pounds. A rubber panel runs down on one side of the speaker. It holds large volume buttons. A metal grille covers the rest of the surface. It is blanketed by waterproof and stain-resistant acoustic skin. The bottom end of this wireless speaker has a micro-USB charging port.  A 3.5mm auxiliary port can be used to stream music in wired mode. A camera mount at the bottom can be used to hold this speaker without shutting out its audio-emitting surface. The D-ring provided with it can be used to attach it to a lanyard.

The UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is protected from natural elements courtesy IPX7 rating. It can be dunked in water for 30 minutes at 1m level.  The top also has a portion that is sensitive to touch.


The true potential of UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker can be realized by utilizing the companion mobile app of UE. This lends you a number of clever tricks like voice commands through Siri, Google Now and touch commands. If you activate Tap commands, you can tap at the top right side of the speaker to play/pause or skip tracks. Power can also be shut off using the app. Two Boom 2 speakers or a Boom 2/ Megaboom speaker can be linked to share the same music.It can also host 3 Bluetooth devices and use Block Party feature to play music in turns from each one of them.

One of the best things we like about this portable Bluetooth speaker is its 100-feet Bluetooth range. It also boasts of a 15-hour battery life per charge. Speaker updates can be done directly through the app, instead of connecting the speaker bodily to the computer.We also love the colors that Boom 2 debuted. From peppy orange/pink combination to simple black, they have thought the design through.


The 360⁰ audio delivery of UE Megaboom and UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers is an unmatched trait. Put it at the center of a room or a party hub and it light up the whole dancefloor. The fact that it squeaks out superloud sound levels only helps its street cred. Boom2 makes some improvements over the original Boom. The sound comes much louder and clearer than its elder brother. Bass is oomphy in the Boom 2 wireless speakers. We found that it rumbled tight and hard at most volumes. However, at highest volumes we noticed a minor bass bleed. It might slip through the ear drums of a casual listener, but we counted it as distortion. You can use the UE app to EQ out this distortion.

Mids are pretty well formed. For most part they aren’t hampered by the bass. They play well when left on their own. Treble detail is as good as the bass. The sound goes off-kilter only at volumes greater than 80 percent. Boom 2 portable Bluetooth speaker is very loud, so it makes up that way. It has the best all-round character out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.


  • Extremely loud for its size
  • Gesture controls via app
  • Highly functional UE app
  • 360⁰ sound with punchy bass, smooth mids and treble
  • Speakerphone


  • Distortion and noise at high volumes

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  1. JBL Flip 3 Splash proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersJBL Flip 3 Splash-proof portable Bluetooth Speaker is a party waiting to happen. The kind of features it packs makes you feel that statues will come alive if you start playing it. This small and robust speaker has kicked up a lot of praise for its functionality given that it costs much less than many lightweight speakers. It is spawned from the award-winning Flip series of JBL which automatically catapults it into the best loudest Bluetooth speakers list.


The Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker from JBL looks roughly like a beer can. At 7.6×5.2×4.1 inches you could easily be reaching for it instead of your drink. It weighs 15.9 ounces, almost a pound. It is one of the lightest and coolest out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers. It weighs less than the Bose SoundLink Color which is portable in its own way. Its body has mesh fabric covering 3/4th of the space.This wireless speaker is designed to be splash-proof, so it’s okay to land it by the lake when you go camping. JBL claims that you can even run it under a tap. The charging and auxiliary input ports are covered so they won’t get wet.

The Flip 3 Bluetooth speakers feature a panel where they have the ports and a power on/off button.  The mesh fabric carries Bluetooth pairing, volume and call answer button. The call button also moonlights as a playback and track navigation button. JBL bass radiators are placed on either ends of the cylinder so it performs better when lying down. A fabric tag can be used to hang it up.


JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker is available in 8 colors. You can pair up multiple speakers that are compatible with JBL-connect to pump up the audio. Flip 3 wirelessly connects through Bluetooth 4.1. A battery life of 10 hours per charge is too good to be true for its price. It has multipoint capabilities where it can connect to up to 3 devices simultaneously. They switch as the audio playback stops. It also has a speakerphone, a glaring omission in Bose SoundLink 3 and Color. Once the call is completed, it switches back to music automatically.


Building on the basic backbone of the Flip, the JBL Flip 3 portable Bluetooth speaker creates a louder, more authoritative sound. It features bass radiators on both ends to remedy Flip’s weak bass.  Though the bass radiators are meant to shake your core, Flip 3 isn’t big enough for that. It can hit some pretty high volumes for its size. Bass is punchy without being as big a bully as in the Bose SoundLink 3. Placing it vertically on one of the bass radiators will rob it of some oomph.

The mids of these wireless speakers are reproduced melodiously. The guitars and vocal shine, but that can be expected out of speakers this size. What their size restrains in low-end is made up for by the mids. They don’t have the detailing of UE Megaboom, but there’s no noticeable muddiness unless you are an audiophile. Treble gets sibilant at the highest volumes. That’s the only gripe we have with its sound.

The speakerphone on these portable wireless speakers is noise and echo-cancelling which helps when you want to take calls on low volume on one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth connection holds strong within the 33 feet range. The connection does not get grainy, especially with the latest Bluetooth format.


  • Feathery light and highly compact
  • Share music with other JBL speakers via JBL Connect
  • Has speakerphone with noise- and echo-cancelling
  • Balanced and loud audio
  • Splash-proof


  • Distortion at highest volumes
  • No independent play/pause button

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  1. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersBose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker succeeds the well-acclaimed Bose Mini speaker. With an audio that seems on steroids, this tiny thing is a sight to behold. It is one of the most stylish small-sized speakers. Youalmost expect it to fit into your pocket. It won’t, but it’s that small. This solid sound machine deserves a place in the best loudest Bluetooth speakers list for coupling its size with a tonally balanced sonic output.


Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker has a tough shell fashioned out of Aluminum.This Terminator-resembling outer cover will suffer through a few drops bravely. But it might emerge scuffed and with paint scraped off. The whole thing is shaped like a brick. Because of the added weight of metal covering, it weighs 1.6 pounds in spite of its 2×7.1×2.3 inches dimensions.  You can buy a silicone cover online which is shaped to fit this speaker snugly. It hugs all the sides and edges of this wireless speaker. The overall look evokes nostalgia as it is the same as the original Mini.

The Mini 2 Bluetooth speaker features 5 buttons on top and metal grille on one side. The buttons are for power, Bluetooth pairing, volume and playback.There’s no Aux button as the playback switches to auxiliary input on priority over Bluetooth. Off to one side is a micro-USB port and a 3.5mm auxiliary port to connect devices like MP3 player, tablets etc.

It also comes with a charging dock, where you can store one of the loudest Bluetooth speaker when you are home.


Like every other Bose speaker we have seen, the SoundLink Mini 2 Bluetooth speaker also skimps on bells and whistles. But the crucial ones are retained. Mini 2 allows you to connect to two devices through Bluetooth at a time. Only one will stream music at any given moment though. It has speakerphone capability, something we found missing in Bose Color and SoundLink 3.

The battery of the Mini 2 wireless speakers last through 10 hours per charge. It is not much but still beats Anker A3143 speaker. The battery is charged via a micro USB cord so you can still operate it if you lose the cord. The earlier models and even SoundLink 3 use proprietary chargers. Bluetooth coupling is made public by voice announcements. Like the Color, Mini 2 can remember up to 8 recent devices it connected to.


Bose believes in ‘don’t fix what’s not broken’. The original Mini almost sounded like perfection. SoundLink Mini 2 Bluetooth speaker sounds just like its elder brother. Compared to SoundLink 3 which overloads on bass, Mini 2 has a more subtle and balanced sound. Audiophiles will be thanking their stars that Bose paired sleek design with such properly crafted sound. And boy is it loud! It’s like Macaulay Culkin with Liam Neeson’s voice. The little thing’s audio is all grown up.

Bass is punchy and creates a majestic undercurrent for the higher frequencies. The bass-to-size ratio is pleasantly shockingly good. Midrange is flattered by this wireless speaker. It is filled with details set in an open soundstage. Treble detail is also remarkable. The bass-mids-treble partnership is a 3-man ship and steered true to the course. All speakers in the same price and size range bite dust while Mini 2 prevails. It has themost audiophiliac response out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.

Bose SoundLink Mini 2 Bluetooth speakers create an equal partnership between the original sound and digital processing in its audio output. Even without Apt-X you can marvel at itsnatural acoustics in the 33-feet radius. If you stand close, around 3-4 feet, you might even hear the spatial clues for stereo separation.


  • Sleek and good-looking
  • Balanced and natural sound
  • Loud and good bass for its size
  • Can host two devices and remember last 8 devices connected
  • Comes with a charging dock


  • Expensive
  • Charging dock is not necessary, cover is

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  1. Minirig Bluetooth Speaker

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersMinirig Bluetooth speaker is a seriously underrated product that should be breaking the internet right about now. Maybe it’s the high price and relatively new brand name that undermines this talented product.Looks, portability, audio, this one has got it all to be on the best loudest Bluetooth speaker list. If you want to be partying long and hard without recharging, Minirig wireless speaker is an exciting buy.


The Minirig Bluetooth speaker is a dynamite of a speaker. The small cylindrical body is fit to be kept as a decorative piece in your living room. The cylinder is sheathed in Aluminum and colored over in dull metallic glint of colors like red, green, pink, gold etc. The bottom has a plastic padding and the top sports the speaker grille. This portable wireless speaker blends well in a high-end décor. It weighs few grams less than a pound. So that settles portability.It is both dust- and shock-proof and IPX4 –rated against water splashes.

TheMinirig Bluetooth speaker is 3.75 inches tall and has a diameter of 4 inches. There’s a power button on the upper rim. Additionally, it provides a ton of connecting options with three ports on its side. The bottom and top ones are 3.5mm jacks. The middle one is a coaxial port for charging. The charger is an USB-to-Coaxial cable, so it may be hard to find a replacement.


Different spec characteristics of Minirig Bluetooth speaker compete for the top spot. So we’ll start with the simplest. At low volumes, its battery can survive 50 hours per charge. That’s right, you heard it. If you use moderate volumes, and Minirig is the loudest of them all, you can play it for 30 hours. That’s your entire week sorted right there. Its power port can also double as a charger for your phone.

This wireless speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX for CD quality sound. The two 3.5mm ports support different impedances and can be used to connect to a range of playback devices. Two Minirig speakers or a Minirig subwoofer and speaker can be connected via these ports as well. An app is available for both Android and iPhone users to remotely control this portable Bluetooth speaker. It can be used to wirelessly create a stereo pair. There are no volume buttons on Minirig. It has to be controlled by the Bluetooth device.


Minirig Bluetooth speaker can hit a 100dB without any distortion. That kind of loudness in such a miniscule package is enough to drive partying crowd crazy. It is a mono speaker. Its loud music is powered by a 3-inch driver. If you are planning to send music shockwaves, mono will do. But if spatial cues are absolutely important like with movie or games, then this might not be appropriate.

The bass of this wireless speaker is a powerful force even without a subwoofer. However, if you use the Minirig subwoofer, it might just spoil you for any music system ever. Midrange is delightfully clean and refined. Treble matches up to complete the trio. Audio output has enough bass for the casual listener but not too much to annoy the audiophile. The Apt-X technology helps clean out the audio of all unnecessary details and retain the ones we need.It has the cleanest loud sound amongst the loudest Bluetooth speakers.

Hooking up two Minirig Bluetooth speakers completely wirelessly, to form a stereo pair, is possible through the app. But this invites some connection dropping incidents. You can always try to connect two Minirigs via wires and use the phone app to play stereo wirelessly.


  • Lightweight but robust as a tank
  • 30 hour charge on average volume, 50 hours on low volume
  • Loud, hits 100 dB without distortion
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X
  • Can double as a battery bank


  • Pricey
  • Mono

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Minirig Bluetooth Speaker>>


  1. Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker with aptX/AAC

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersCreative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Bluetooth speaker boasts of a bushel of features built to awe you. It is not just one of the heavyweights in the loudness bandwagon, it has an artillery that everyone secretly wishes for.Speakers like UE Boom 2 and Bose SoundLink Mini 2 offer louder sounds for their size. However, Creative Roar 2 can still fill up an entire room with Smells like Teen Spirit, hence its place on the best loudest Bluetooth speakers list.


The architecture of the Creative Roar 2 Bluetooth speaker looks fairly simple and yet exceedingly elegant. It looks like a flat brick with a speaker grille on one side. A strip of controls run on top on this grille end-to-end. The top face also has another panel of myriad buttons and ports (more on that in a minute).  The package is 7.4×4.3×2 inches in dimensions. It weighs 2.5 pounds, heavy to be on the best loudest Bluetooth speakers till now.Its shape makes it easy to pack in a travel case. But it’s not something you can carry around like JBL Flip 2.

This wireless speaker features both a USB and a micro-USB port. It also has a micro-SD slot.


The Creative Roar 2 Bluetooth speaker is an MP3 player, a voice recorder, a speaker, a speakerphone and a battery bank all in one. There, catch your breath. The complicated top panel has a DC input for charging. Its 3.5mm jack or a micro-USB input can be used to connect to playback devices. The micro-SD card slot needs to house an SD card which the MP3 player and recorder will borrow.  A set of recorder controls and playback buttons are separately grouped on the top panel of this wireless Bluetooth speaker. A mic-muting switch is also present.

We found the Bedtime mode of theses wireless speakers pretty engaging. This gradually reduces the volume of the speaker over a period of 30 minutes while you drift off to sleep. To be lulled into sleep by a speaker is a very satisfying experience. However, it draws the short end with the battery power. It can withstand only 8 hours of Roaring per charge. With equipment like Minirig and Megaboom in the market, this rains on Roar 2’s parade.Either way, it remains the most feature-ful out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.


Where specs make up, audio is moderately good. It’s nothing extraordinary like the UE Megaboom or Bose SoundLink Mini. Still Creative gets creative with 2 drivers, one woofer and 2 passive radiators. It keeps the audio sounding balanced but UE and Bose carry more power and refinement. The loudness level is enough to enrapture a medium-sized room. Bass has the punch but it cannot compete with UE Boom 2.Casual listeners might find the bass lacking in some songs with smooth bass.

In an effort to maintain the tonal balance, the midrange of this wireless speaker really shines. You can hear the thrum of guitar next to the raspy vocals of Pearl Jam.High-end detailing is clipped to avoid sibilance. This will matter to the patrons of intricate music tastes.

The Tera Bass option is to add bass performance to the Creative Roar 2 Bluetooth speaker’s armory. This could spice up your songs. A double tap switches on the ‘Roar’ effect for higher volumes, but that sounds distorted. The quality of recorded voices and music is also fairly decent. You can play out your own pre-recorded jams to the crowd at your place.


  • Integrated MP3 player, speakerphone, battery bank, recorder
  • Tangible design
  • Elaborate user-friendly controls for operation
  • Balanced sound with bass- and volume boost options


  • Bass could be meatier
  • Distortion on Roar mode

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker with aptX/AAC>>


  1. Sony SRSX5 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System with Speakerphone

Loudest Bluetooth SpeakersSony SRSX5 portable Bluetooth speaker takes cues from its pricier brothers like X7 and X9 and wraps their good characteristics in a small, affordable package. It is one of the cheapest speakers on out best loudest Bluetooth speakers list, right along with JBL Flip 3. The sound quality is reliable, coming from Sony, but it needs more work to be groundbreaking.  The whole arrangement lives up to its price very well though.


Speakers like Bose SoundLink 3 and Creative Roar 2 have resorted to the flat brick design. But SRSX5 Bluetooth speaker has the true minimalistic architecture of the lot. Sony is known to choose the austere path even with its headphones. SRSX5 is built like a simple cuboid at 2.6 pounds weight. It has a speaker grille covering an entire side and part of the back.

The control buttons are placed on the top panel. These include buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, volume navigation and aux in. The top panel of this wireless speaker uses a gloss finish that can play host to fingerprints. The other side holds the NFC zone which can be tapped with the phone for a quick connection.The SRSX5 Bluetooth speaker has a 3.5mm auxiliary port to one side and a USB charger to power up other devices. It is available in black, white and red colors.


Sony SRSX5 Bluetooth speaker has a smattering of features that you would appreciate. Its speakerphone capability will allow you to take call when the playback source phone rings. This can be used in an office environment if you want to take group calls. The portable speaker also acts as a battery bank. The USB output is devoted to charging phones or tablets that are low on charge. The power output is very slow, so this would only help in emergency situations.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker can remember up to 8 devices that were connected most recently to it. Near Field Communication (NFC) allows you to connect with a simple tap with NFC-enabled devices.

Since the USB port is only power-out, SRSX5 speaker uses a 12.5 V DC power cord for charging. This might leave you hanging if you don’t have such a cord lying around and run out of charge. The battery has a life cycle of 8 hours per charge, which is only average. It is the simplest out of the loudest Bluetooth speakers.


Sony’s trademark persistence on balanced sound is seen in the SRSX5 Bluetooth speaker as well. It controls its bass from trudging over to the mids territory. Some people might perceive it has having less bass. An audiophile will disagree.  It is quite loud, as loud as the yesteryear’s Bose SoundLink Mini. It cannot chug out the same volume as the SoundLink 3 though.Bass is punchy but doesn’t steal the show at parties. Mids are deliciously warm. Vocals and guitars aren’t lost in the medley of boosted bass and treble like in SoundLink 3.

This wireless speaker can also be played in the wired mode and it sounds much louder and clearer. While you might take offence at the disparity, we found solace in the fact that wired mode could perform so well.It has separate audio mode which gives you a wider, more immersive sound. It gives the music a little extra push but we aren’t sure a crowd will notice the difference.


  • Balanced sound, tight bass, warm mids
  • Can double as battery charger
  • Has speakerphone
  • Simple design


  • Uses custom charger
  • Heavy

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Sony SRSX5 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System with Speakerphone>>

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