Indoor speakers – The ultimate buying guide

INDOOR SPEAKERS BUYING GUIDE V1Shopping for indoor speakers seems pretty straightforward, that is until you realize just how many of them there are out there. These products come in different shapes and sizes, and they cover a wide region of the cost spectrum. Depending on the features that they offer, indoor speakers can cost as little as what you pay for your morning coffee, or as much as the price of a brand new car.

Types of Indoor Speakers

Take a look at the consumer electronics market today and you will see that there are many different indoor speakers out there. Whether you want surround sound, earth-shaking bass, or portable entertainment, there is bound to be an audio product designed specifically for your needs. Each of the indoor speakers available in the market today can be classified into one or more of the following categories.

  1. Floorstanding Speakers – Products that belong in this category are usually large, and are meant to be set down on the floor for stability and better response. Floorstanding speakers are generally more powerful and have more drivers in them than their wall-mounted counterparts, and as such, are also considerably more expensive.
  1. Bookshelf Speakers – These speakers are intended to be placed off the ground, preferably atop a smooth surface like a desk or a bookshelf. Bookshelf speakers typically don’t give as much power as floorstanding speakers, but because they are elevated and set at ear level, they provide you with a wide range of audio frequencies.
  1. Ceiling Speakers – Designed to be inconspicuous and unobtrusive, these speakers are built flush into walls or ceilings to allow for more floor space, or to focus attention on the room’s decor. Ceiling speakers often use the acoustics offered by the space behind the wall or above the ceiling in order to produce great sound.
  1. Computer Speakers – These are audio systems designed to enhance the sound of your computer, tablet, or even your portable music player. Computer speakers are available in various configurations ranging from 2.0-channel stereo speakers, to full-fledged 5.1 and 7.1-channel home theater surround sound systems.
  1. Wireless Speakers – Most, if not all of the wireless speakers that you see today feature Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. These technologies allow you to pair the speakers with compatible devices like your tablet or smartphone for wireless audio streaming.
  1. Home Theater Speaker Systems – Consisting of multiple speakers acting in unison, home theater speaker systems are designed to provide an immersive surround sound experience. These systems are typically available in 5.1-channel and 7.1-channel configurations.

What to Consider When Buying Indoor Speakers

After you’ve determined the type of speaker that you want to get, it’s time to take a closer look at the details and narrow down your search options further. Decide on what qualities you want your speakers to have, and make sure to consider the following before green-lighting your indoor speaker purchase.

  • Purpose – One factor that can help you decide what type of indoor speaker to buy is knowing what you need it for. For instance, if you’re looking to get a good home audio system, you’ll want to look at floorstanding and bookshelf speakers, or even home theater speakers. If you want to take your tunes out with you on your morning run, spring for wireless Bluetooth speakers.
  • Sound Quality – Try to learn as much as you can about a speaker’s audio performance. Check the product specifications and identify the determining factors that tell you whether a particular speaker delivers the performance that you want or not. Be sure to have realistic expectations when it comes to sound quality; don’t expect a powerful bass response from 3-inch wireless Bluetooth speakers.
  • Build And Construction – Some products are built better than others, that’s just how it is. Speaker manufacturers try to out-design one another, coming up with innovative features that are intended to improve audio performance and capture the attention of consumers. If you are looking for speakers to set up at home, you might be more interested in how they look for aesthetic reasons. But if you are in the market for portable audio, you will want a product that has a rugged and durable design.
  • Brand – Although basing your purchasing decision entirely on brand won’t always give you the best results, it does help to know which companies have a good reputation as per popular opinion when it comes to product quality and performance. In the end, though, you’ll still need to make your own assessment in order to determine whether a particular set of speakers satisfy your specific needs.
  • Value For Money – Cost will always be a factor when shopping for any product. Consider that you are not just looking for a product that you can afford, you want indoor speakers that provide you with more features and a better audio performance than what their retail price suggests.

The Top 6 Indoor Speakers in 2017 – Ultimate Chart

PictureNameSpecial FeaturePriceRating
PictureNameSpecial FeaturePriceRating
 1. Pioneer SP-FS52-RThree 5¼-inch drivers$$4.5
2. Polk Audio RTiA1 Bookshelf SpeakersSolid MDF enclosure$$4.3
3. Pyle KTHSP125 In-Ceiling Home Speaker SystemSix-channel stereo selector$$4.1
4. Logitech Z623 Speaker System130-watt subwoofer$$3.8
5. Bose SoundLink MiniBluetooth range of up to 30 feet$$3.8
6. Yamaha NS-SP1800BLFour two-way satellite speakers$$3.8

Top Indoor Speakers by Category

Here are some of the finest examples of indoor speakers listed according to category.

  1. [Floorstanding Speakers] Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

    Designed by legendary audio engineer Andrew Jones, the SP-FS52-LR from industry leader Pioneer is regarded as one of the best floorstanding speakers in the market today. It features three 5¼-inch drivers – one for midrange, and two for the low frequency bass tones – and a 1-inch soft dome tweeter for those crisp highs. Inside the speaker is a sophisticated 8-component, high-quality crossover that masterfully orchestrates the harmonies emanating from all four drivers. The SP-FS52-LR is built with a stiff, curved cabinet, which not only reduces standing sound waves but also makes for a better listening experience overall. With sound quality so good and a build so sturdy, the SP-FS52-LR is a steal for its retail price.

  1. [Bookshelf Speakers] Polk Audio RTiA1 Bookshelf Speakers

    If you consider its impressive features and its sturdy construction, it is easy to see how even with its price tag, the RTiA1 bookshelf speakers are still considered to be some of the more cost-effective indoor speaker sets to come out of high-end audio equipment manufacturer Polk Audio’s production line. These two-way, front-ported bookshelf speakers feature 5¼-inch polymer mineral composite woofers and 1-inch silk polymer composite dome tweeters that combine to produce a resounding audio performance that other products are simply unable to match even on their best day. And while the RTiA1 perfectly complements any home audio speaker setup, they more than perform well on their own. The sound is evenly balanced, with its detailed midrange, clean highs, and a surprisingly dynamic low frequency bass response. The RTiA1 has a solid MDF enclosure that creates optimal shear damping, and reduces cabinet resonance. Arguably, there are plenty of similar products out there that cost half the price, but just listen to how the RTiA1 sounds and you’ll understand why it could very well be the last pair of bookshelf speakers you’ll ever need.

  1. {Ceiling Speakers] Pyle KTHSP125 In-Ceiling Home Speaker System

    For an audio company that has successfully carved out its own niche, Pyle Audio sure knows how to name their products. Take the KTHSP125, for example. You won’t always see them, or remember their model name, but you know they’re right there in the room with you because you can hear music in high quality. This comprehensive twelve-speaker home audio system delivers superb audio without taking up precious floor space. It comes with six wall-mountable volume control knobs, as well as a six-channel stereo selector that allows you to have great audio in up to six different rooms. The KTHSP125 in-ceiling speakers are designed to install flush against the ceiling, and are relatively easy to install. Each of the 5¼-inch mid-bass speakers is complemented by a 1-inch, high temperature voice coil, as well as a directable 1-inch polymer dome tweeter. If you’re looking to take a different approach towards home audio, the KTHSP125 simply will not disappoint. The speaker system retails at an affordable price, which, if you think about it, is a fairly reasonable price for an audio system as versatile as the KTHSP125.

  1. [Computer Speakers] Logitech Z623 Speaker System

    Look up computer peripherals and audio equipment online and you are bound to come across the name Logitech. The consumer electronics firm has been producing some of the most amazing products on the market today, and the Z623 is by no means any less impressive. This 2.1-channel computer speaker system delivers outstanding sound that is simply unparalleled in its class. The system consists of two high-performance satellite speakers for those crisp high and clean midrange tones, and a big 130-watt subwoofer that pumps out deep, distortion-free bass. The Z623 is designed to be easy to set up, and is versatile enough to work well not only with your computer, but also with your tablet, mobile phone, or any other device that has a 3.5mm or RCA audio output. Its sleek, intuitive design gives you easy access to volume and bass controls, and its THX® certification assures you of getting the best audio performance that a three-speaker system can provide. You would be hard-pressed to find a product that sounds as good and as loud as the Z623 in its price range.

  1. [Wireless Speakers] Bose SoundLink Mini

    The earliest version of the SoundLink Mini, from top audio equipment manufacturer bose, has been around for some time, and yet, it continues to garner praise from consumers because of its great sound, intelligent design, and compact durability. It has a conservative, unibody aluminum enclosure, atop you’ll find control buttons that are clearly labelled and easy to get accustomed to. For a portable speaker that measures a mere 2x7x2 inches, the SoundLink Mini sounds surprisingly loud. It has an effective Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet, and is powered by a Li-Ion battery that lasts for up to 7 hours of continuous playtime. Weighing a hefty 1½ pounds, the SoundLink Mini isn’t the most lightweight portable speaker out there, but it still lets you take your music with you wherever you go.

  1. [Home Theater Speaker Systems] Yamaha NS-SP1800BL

    If you are in the market for speakers that can enhance or even upgrade your current home audio setup, global multi-industry firm Yamaha offers a great option in the NS-SP1800BL. This 5.1-channel home theater speaker system delivers cinematic surround sound thanks to four two-way satellite speakers, one center unit, and a powerful 8-inch, 100-watt subwoofer. Audio quality is remarkable, and the wall-mountable speakers are built for everyday use. The system has a frequency response of 28Hz – 50 KHz, which means it offers a full-range of sounds, from the deep bass tones to the warm midrange, and to the crisp highs. The NS-SP1800BL is one of the better sounding home theater speaker systems out there that give you more bang for your buck.

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