Top 10 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers in 2018 – Complete List

Best Waterproof Shower Speakers

Music is an indulgence that dominates us many a times. At times like this we find that we are in dire need of a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker. Who doesn’t turn into a regular Taylor Swift or Adam Levine in the shower? When we do, we sound better in chorus than on our own. You understand the difficulties of training as a world class shower musician only when you find these speakers failing you. Fret not. We have the foolproof way of nurturing your hitherto-unknown singing talent. We created a list of the top waterproof shower speakers that can croon right along with you and drown your crass voice or even inspire the Bob Marley in you.

How do we know that the shower speakers are genuinely waterproof?

We have a whole code that tells us how products fare against natural elements. This is called the IP(International Protection) code. It is assigned as IPXY. The X position tells you how well the commercial product, in our case shower speaker, will do against dust ingress. The Y position tells you how the shower speaker will behave against water. If the first place remains ‘X’, that does not mean the speaker is not dustproof. It just means it hasn’t been formally checked for dust ingression.

Here are the codes we focused on for shower speakers, considering they needed to be water-resistant:

IPX7: This code certifies that the shower speaker can remain in up to 1m depth of water for up to 30 minutes without water invading its interiors. It also means that it’s most likely dust-proof as well. We tried to select maximum products in this category.

IPX5 or IP65:IPX5 certifies that the shower speaker can withstand water jets sprayed by a nozzle at 12.5 liters per minute for 3 mins. This means it can take splashes of water on a regular basis but not continuously. 6 denotes that it is dust proof.

IPX4: This denotes that the shower speaker can stand water sprays at it for 5 mins from any direction. In simple terms, it can handle moisture and splashes of water far and in between.

How do shower speakers work?

Most shower speakers are Bluetooth enabled. You can pair them with your phone, tablet, PC etc. the same way you pair your phone and play music through them. They come with either a suction cup or a loop. The suction cup creates vacuum between itself and the wall and sticks on the wall with one side. It holds the shower speaker on the other side. The loop can be used to attach a carabiner clip or a lanyard to sling the speaker up on wall hooks or shower pipes. All the basic controls like volume, power etc. are situated on the speaker.

Which are the best waterproof shower speakers?

We found out for you.  Based on various features that help us make maximum use of a shower speaker, we picked out 10 of them for our roster of the best waterproof shower speakers:

Audio:Audio is generally the principal concern while selecting any audio equipment. That being said, the waterproof shower speakers are small in size. They provide decent audio quality at sufficiently loud volumes. But they are not earth-shaking like full-sized speakers

Water-resistance:We chose the most reliable speakers with the best IP ratings. Most of them are IPX7. Others on the best waterproof shower speakers list have the capacity to sing to you in the shower without damage, even if they cannot be submerged in the hot tub.

Features: Important features like speakerphone, Bluetooth range, Bluetooth connectivity etc. were considered while drawing up this list. Each one of them weighs into making shower speakers a more enjoyable experience.

Budget:The best waterproof shower speakers on this list wrap their many talents inside a modest budget. Since it is a luxury expense we like to keep it as low as possible.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers in 2018 – Complete Chart


NameDustproof/Waterproof RatePrice



NameDustproof/Waterproof RatePrice


 1. Photive Rain WaterProof Portable Bluetooth Shower speaker IP65$$4.5 
 2. ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker IP66$$4.3 
 3. UE ROLL 2 Volcano Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker IP67$$4.3 
 4. VicTsing Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Waterproof Outdoor / Shower SpeakerIPX5 $$4.3 
 5. JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker IPX7$$4.3 
 6. BOOM Swimmer – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Stereo Pairing IPX7$$ 4.3
 7. Anker SoundCore Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker IPX7$$ 4.3
 8. Mpow Buckler Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker IPX4$$4.3 
 9. TaoTronics Bluetooth Shower Speaker IPX4$$4.2 
 10. Superior Sounds BT-W110 Waterproof & Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker IP67$$4.2 
  1. Photive Rain WaterProof Portable Bluetooth Shower speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersPhotive Rain Bluetooth shower speaker is a jack of many trades. It utilizes all of its real estate to pound bass with your favorite party anthem. This timid plain Rain has a host of tricks up its sleeve at a nominal price.Its physical traits make it convenient to tout around in bathrooms. It is built to make soap-bamboozled folks operate it blind. The price puts a sweet cherry on the top of this cake. Soap suds could not have kept it from topping our best waterproof shower speakers list.

Design and features

Photive Rain wireless shower speaker is  a no-nonsense peripheral. It is shaped like a mini cake. The sides and the top faces are all covered in speaker grille. It measures 3.1 inches across the diameter. And its1.8 inches wide. That can easily fit your palm if you have large hands. At the very top of these shower speakers, you find a clip that can be used to hang this baby up.

The exteriors of Rain are done up in a rubber material. You can use the accompanying carabiner to attach it to a wall hook. It also ships with a suction cup to be mounted on the bathroom wall. This waterproof shower speaker is IP65 rated. This means it’s highly dust proof, so you can hang it off your backpack while hiking or mountain biking. It can stand pressurized streams of water for short durations. Basically, it will survive through the splashes from the shower, but don’t drop it in the hot tub.

There’s a built-in speakerphone in the Photive Rain Bluetooth shower speaker. You can use it to make calls from the bathroom, although we do not want to consider that scenario. It uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled playback device. This shower speaker can last 8 hours average per charge cycle.Bluetooth has a range of around 40 feet from the playing device. Voice commands walk you through the battery life and other functions like Bluetooth pairing.

It has volume buttons which double as track navigation buttons. Then there’s a power and call button. All four are positioned on the side of the speaker. They are engraved with marks so that you can recognize the controls by touch.


The Photive Rain wireless shower speaker is a versatile device. It need not be hidden behind the shower curtain. You can bring it out for special occasions like pool parties and camp-nights.It can get real loud and boisterous out there.  You might jump out of your skin the first time you hear it.

As with most speakers of this size, the Rain’s performance cannot be critically reviewed. It gives you clear audio without any distortion and squeaks that might pierce through your ears. Rather, it performs gracefully, never dropping the connection. There are not static problems either.  The sound is tonally balanced and we never found the bass or treble lacking.


  • Superloud clear audio
  • Has speakerphone
  • Water jet-proof and dust proof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Controls are built for tactile advantage


  • Volume profile is not remembered when it powers on

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  1. ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Rugged and Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersThe Ecoxgear Ecoxbt waterproof speaker has many roles. We decided to put it in the shower and see how that works. And boy, were we impressed! The fact that you can take it out to power a pool party or hike across the Grand Canyon with it is an added bonus.  Its Bluetooth performance is on the up and up. The audio can keep up with your delirious singing too. What’s not to like in one of these best waterproof shower speakers?

Design and Features

Ecoxgear Ecoxbt Bluetooth shower speaker has an interesting architecture.  It has ribbed holding handles on both sides which are extensions of its body rather than being separately attached. It can be hung on the faucet or the shower pipe. The main body has speaker grille on one side.  The back side holds a pop-off lid that secures the auxiliary port and micro-USB charging port against water incursion. This lid has a pull tab for opening it easily.The buttons are placed on the top of the speaker. Apart from a dedicated call button, you have volume buttons. The same can be pressed fleetingly to change tracks.

This waterproof shower speaker is not as portable as the Photive Rain. It measures 4” x 9” x 2.9” in all directions. But it weighs 2.2 pounds solid. So this could be an issue while lugging it around. It is IPX7-rated. This means it can remain 1m under water for 30 mins. Not just the shower, it can be used in the pool as well. It is said to float! (We were too chicken to verify).

The wireless connectivity in Ecoxgear Ecoxbt wireless shower speaker is provided by Bluetooth. Along with A2DP, it streams stereo music from your playback device. It has a Bluetooth range of 33 feet.  It can play 10 hours of music on a single battery charge.  Apart from Bluetooth, it can also be connected to your phone or tablet via a 3.5mm aux cable.  This jack is the one hidden under the hatch at the back of this shower speaker.

Speakerphone is another fixture of this Bluetooth shower speaker. You can take calls on Ecoxbt with a mic that is located just below the speaker grille. The call functionality is handled by a button on the top. The speaker comes with a carabiner, an AC wall adapter and a USB cable.


The Ecoxgear Ecoxbt waterproof shower speaker handles 6W of power easily. It ends up playing very loud volumes. Using a couple of them would be enough for a large pool party. In showers it can easily overtake your blaring voice. But its size has constraints like all other speakers on this list. The bass on this shower speaker is punchy and makes itself known even at low volumes. At the higher volumes, Ecoxbt tries to curb the bass extent to combat distortion. So these can sound a little deflated there.

Apart from the bass, the rest of the frequency spectrum is relatively clean. You will not find any sibilance at top volumes. Bluetooth behaves well and keeps the music stream going. The audio and blueprint of Ecoxbt waterproof shower speakers are well worth its price tag and then some.


  • Waterproof, dustproof and shock proof
  • Loud and decent audio
  • Has speakerphone
  • Handles on both sides
  • Can play via an aux cable also


  • Heavy
  • Bass gets lean on higher volumes

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  1. UE ROLL 2 Volcano Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersUE has a host of Bluetooth speakers that walk the hall of fame every time best speakers are mentioned. They rolled out UE Roll 2 that, amongst its multiple talents, is also a waterproof shower speaker. Its blueprint is suited for when you grope around in the shower for music controls. Its audio is borrowed from the house of magic music-makers. It rides the price-tag wave a little high. But given UE’s quality product, you might want to invest in this shower speaker. It sang its way right into the best waterproof shower speakers list.

Design and Features

The UE Roll 2 wireless shower speaker looks like a vibrant alien spaceship miniature. The saucer shape is alluring and carries its tribal colors proudly. It measures 5.3 inches in diameter and is 1.6 inches thick at its belly. The front side is entirely covered by a speaker grille. It has 2 oversized volume buttons on it. The back is smoothed over with a rubber finish.  It carries the power button and Bluetooth pairing buttons. Under them lies a sealed hatch that buries the micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm aux input. The whole thing weighs 11.6 ounces.

One of the major advantages of this wireless shower speaker is that it has a bungee cord attached to its back. This can be used to hang it up the shower handle. It also comes with a floatie. You can put the Roll 2on this floatation pillow and let it make the rounds of the pool. It is IPX7-rated, so even if it takes a swim in the water, it will be alright.

Bluetooth yields the wireless connectivity to Roll 2 waterproof shower speaker, within 100 feet from the playback device. Most shower speakers only boast of 33 feet connectivity. You can download its dexterous companion app on Android or Apple phones. It lets you power off the device remotely, create a stereo pair or EQ out any element of music you don’t want to hear. These shower speakers also support A2DP so they are stereo on their own.

The battery life per charge cycle is 9 hours. It can also connect to devices via a 3.5mm auxiliary port. Another characteristic that cannot be left out is the appearance of this wireless shower speaker. It is available in some trippy color combinations like reef, sugarplum, atmosphere etc. which combine crazy contrast colors.


For a speaker this trim, the UE Roll 2 waterproof shower speaker really rolls it out. It is loud and rowdy in the middle of any party. When you are imitating Kurt Cobain in the shower, it can chorus with your pitiful voice. It boasts of 85dBA sensitivity at its mini size. So loud gets louder than the original Roll.

We found the bass performance of this shower speaker satisfactory. It has the oomph to take showering to the next level. It might not be enough to boom over a noisy pool reunion. You can buy two of these and create a stereo pair that can kick up a concert behind the shower curtain.


  • 360⁰ loud audio and good bass for the size
  • Waterproof, shipped with a floatie for pool
  • Bungee cord for hanging in the shower
  • 100 ft. Bluetooth range
  • Companion app support is superior


  • Track skip/play pause controls are not on the speaker

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  1. VicTsing Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Waterproof Outdoor / Shower Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersWhen you want a little wonder to fill your bathroom with the odes of Adele, VicTsing wireless shower speaker is your best bet.  It is a splash-resistance music-machine that tirelessly pumps out music over considerably long baths.  Straddling a balance between audio, features and size, this speaker is a simple device. At its budget-oriented price, we would snap it up with no delay. Just like we did for a spot on our best waterproof shower speakers list.

Design and Features

The VicTsing wireless shower speaker demonstrates how far we have come with technology. It packs dynamic characteristics in such a small stature.  It’s a pancake-shaped accessory which barely measures 3.7 inches across and 1.3 inches thick. This shower Bluetooth speaker has a hanger loop at the top. Two track navigation buttons flank this. These double as volume buttons when pressed and held. A power button and a multifunctional button are off to the lower side.  The latter can be used to Play/Pause or answer/reject calls. The buttons are embossed with signs so you can feel your way around to use them. If your spectacles are all smoked up from the steam, this is a distinct advantage.

This shower speaker is IPX5 certified. So it can stand pressurized water jet from a 6.3mm nozzle for a short period of time. In layman terms, it is splashproof. You can’t dunk it in water, but it will take shower water sprayed on it for limited periods.  The outer body has a rubber casing that looks formidable against physical damage. It comes with a carabiner clip and a suction cup. You can use it in the car as well, by sticking the suction cup on the window. A micro-USB power cord is also included.

This wireless shower speaker has built-in speakerphone which can be used to take calls from your phone. It does not respond to Siri commands or S-Voice though. Once the call is over, it switches back to music automatically. It can also redial the last number.

The Bluetooth shower speaker from VicTsing uses Bluetooth v3.0. As Bluetooth v4.1 has debuted, it is a little behind the times. It supports A2DP which indicates it can play stereo audio over Bluetooth. The battery lasts through 6 hours per charge on 70% of maximum volume. This shower speaker has the useful capability of auto-power off after 15 minutes of remaining idle.


The audio of VicTsing wireless shower speaker is a revelation. It packs a 5W speaker against the smaller 3W speakers that most shower speakers flaunt.  You will be amazed at how much volume this tiny thing can put out. Even with the shower hissing out its own melody, this speaker can be heard above it. With A2DP, it plays stereo audio. But in a speaker this size, the spatial cues are not differentiated unless you are standing quite close to them.

The bass on this Bluetooth shower speaker gets you going. It has a powerful undercurrent of bass which can be heard under a noisy shower. There’s no bass distortion. Treble molds itself well to match with the bass capacity.


  • Loud audio with rich bass
  • Wireless speaker with speakerphone
  • Lightweight and small
  • Comes with a carabiner clip and a suction cup


  • Bluetooth v4.1 could have provided better battery life
  • Cannot be dunked in water

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  1. JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersJBL Clip 2 waterproof Bluetooth speaker can make home in your shower area. This moon-like device comes from the trusted workshop of JBL that has been in the audio world for a long time. It combines powerful sound with a totally waterproof design. It looks pretty enough that it won’t be out of place hanging off your college backpack. Good battery life makes it easy to share with a family member as well.  That’s the stuff the best waterproof shower speakers are made of.

Design and Features

JBL Clip 2 wireless shower speaker is a more handsome version of the Photive Rain or VicTsing wireless shower speaker. It has the same circular shape with button one the sides. It feels more like a doughnut with its rounded edges though. Its body has a diameter of 3.5 inches approximately and it runs 1.6 inches thick.There’s a metal carabiner on the top to hang this shower speaker.The front side has the speaker grille and it is covered with reliable waterproof fabric. The back side has a rubber housing that can take water and some physical strain as well.

This Bluetooth shower speaker is IPX7 rated. It can withstand 1m of water for 10 minutes. At its 6.6 ounce weight it might even float in the pool, but not for long. It has the power, call, volume and Bluetooth pairing buttons. You can go one track forward with the play button. All controls are depressed into the body so that you can find them easily, even with soapy fingers.

The premium feature of the Clip 2 waterproof shower speaker is that it has an integrated aux cable which ends in a 3.5mm plug. This can be tucked into the groove at the back of this speaker when it is not in use. Make no mistake, the main playback method of Clip 2 is via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth range is solid. It has a battery life of 8 hours compared to the 5 hours JBL Clip+ offers.

The other feature, that makes this JBL wireless shower speaker cool, is the speakerphone. You can route your calls on to it when you are in the shower or the pool.


Like many others on this list, the JBL Clip 2 Bluetooth shower speaker has a sound that is pleasantly disproportionate to its size. The bass suffers a bit because of the limitation of size. But the portability can make you forget that.  Vocals and guitars sound heavenly with their crisp and clear enunciation. Bass can trudge into the distorted territories at the very high volumes.  JBL Charge 3 does not have this issue, but it is also a bigger speaker.

You can link two JBL speakers using the JBL Connect functionality. You get some volume amplification this way. This can be done between Flip 2, Clip 2, Charge 3 etc., i.e. any speaker with JBL connect technology. Overall, with a broad outlook, we think that JBL Clip 2 delivers a lot for its size and price.


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a carabiner
  • Loud, natural audio
  • Has an integrated 3.5mm aux cable


  • Bass distortion at the highest volumes

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  1. BOOM Swimmer – Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Stereo Pairing

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersThe Boom Swimmer waterproof shower speaker mildly impressed us in terms of audio. But its design wrapped us around its little tail fast. When you look at the architectural genius of the Boom or Boom Duo, you realize how simple ideas can be awe-inspiringly smart. Looking like little showerheads, two Boom Swimmer Duos can be paired in stereo mode. We liked the hitch-free performance of Boom Swimmer better. It just swam into our best waterproof shower speakers list.

Design and Features

In one of the instances that engineers got inspired by the nature, they came up with the blueprint of Boom Swimmer wireless shower speaker. It looks like a little tadpole with a tail and all that. The main body of the speaker has a bucket-like shape. The controls are placed around its base. The base is connected to a removable tail-like squiggly appendage. It is bendy and can be used to tie in a knot around your shower pipe or any rod for that matter.  You can also twist this tail to make a rudimentary ‘stand’ and keep this shower speaker upright on a flat surface. Whenever you think you are better off with a suction cup, you can replace this tail for that accompanying accessory in the pack.

This waterproof shower speaker is IPX7 rated. So it can survive a fall into your Jacuzzi, but only for 30 mins. On the other hand, it can take water splashes from the shower like a pro. The Boom Swimmer Duo claims to be shock proof as well.  The tail is around 6 inches long. The speaker face has a diameter of 3.8 inches. The speaker alone weighs 3.2 ounces. This is the lightest shower speaker we have come across.

The buttons of the Boom Swimmer Bluetooth shower speaker include a power control, volume buttons and a Play/Pause button. The volume buttons cans also be used for track navigation. The Boom Swimmer Duo has a speakerphone which the original Swimmer lacks. But it doesn’t have the best call quality.

This shower speaker works well within its Bluetooth range. The connection does not get spotty. It shows a battery life of 8 hours on top volumes. You can also plug it to a playback device via a 3.5mm cable. Because of the shape and attachments of this shower speaker, it is versatile in its usability.


The Boon Swimmer waterproof shower speaker is such a petite device that we did not expect much of it, audio-wise.  It gets louder than you would expect from its size. The bass is tight and makes a great buddy to the midrange. It works more to support the vocals than take attention away from them. Treble also steps up its games and plays crisp. The clarity and details are good for the price.

You cannot pair two Boom Swimmer shower speaker as a stereo arrangement. This facility is only provided in the Swimmer Duo. However, you will enjoy the sound unless you are an out-and-out audiophile. And we think most audiophiles cringe at the thought of having shower speakers, because they tend to be subpar compared to regular large-sized speakers.


  • Tail attachment can be used as a stand or hanger
  • Removable suction cup
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Loud and balanced audio


  • Tail might be too rubbery for a proper knot when wet
  • Sound quality is not the best

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  1. Anker SoundCore Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersAnker SoundCore Sport waterproof shower speaker has wide range of uses. But we took it with us for a wash and we liked it! This absurdly small rocker has an unpretentious look. But behind the façade it hands out good music in dollops. It comes with a lanyard attachment. It has the speakerphone facility. It is gloriously waterproof. That is enough to get SoundCore on the best waterproof shower speakers’ hall of fame.

Design and Features

Anker SoundCore Sport Bluetooth shower speaker reminded us of the carry case that came with our Sennheiser Momentum in –ear earphones. They look roughly the same. This shower speaker has the same square shape with rounded edges. It measures 3.4 inches in length and width. It is 1.8 inches thick. It weighs about half a pound along with the lanyard attachment.  The square face is entirely covered with speaker grille and has ‘Anker’ printed across it.

All the buttons of this waterproof shower speaker are on the top. Apart from the power button, you have volume controls and hands-free call-cum-Bluetooth pairing button. The charging port and an auxiliary 3.5mm input port are closed off from outside. It is IPX7-rated. The first thing we would do, if we were you, would be to dunk it in the water. Remember to fish it out within 30 minutes.  It does float for a little while. It is also dust and shock resistant, courtesy its rubber covered body.

Anker SoundCore wireless shower speaker connects to the music playback devices through Bluetooth. It sings along for 10 hours on a single battery charge. The Bluetooth connectivity holds strong over a range of 30 feet.It also has a speakerphone. So even if you are getting cozy with some bath salts, you can keep in touch with the world on the outside. But microphone is not as effective as with Photive Rain. Caller on the other end might find your voice muffled.


The key to generating a stable crackle-free sound from a small speaker is to dish out only as much bass as it can handle properly. The Anker SoundCore Sport waterproof shower speaker sticks to this mantra. They remain very effective in creating a balanced audio. All the elements of the music, be it bass, treble or mids, come out clear and distortion-free. They claim to use Anti-clipping technology, which in their own words ‘ensure distortion-free music’.

The audio is powered by a 3W driver in this wireless shower speaker. Unlike VicTsing, which sports a 5W driver, these aren’t as powerful. Yet you can hear the music outdoors when you go mountain biking or camping. Its ruggedness plays in the favor of outdoor excursions. Makes sure you don’t to land it on sandy beaches, as the sand can get stuck on the speaker grille. This will dull down the music coming out of the speaker.


  • Small and portable
  • Comes attached to a lanyard
  • Sits easily on small surfaces
  • Clean, balanced sound


  • Speakerphone quality is only okay

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  1. Mpow Buckler Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersMpow Buckler wireless waterproof shower speaker has found many takers. If you have just started experimenting with shower speakers, this one is a good place to start. It is inexpensive and comes in a user-friendly form. It packs a bigger driver than what’s found in most shower speakers so the audio is decent. It also has good specs when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity. Such intelligent pricing demands a place in the best waterproof shower speakers list.

Design and Features

Much like the Photive Rain, the Mpow Buckler Bluetooth shower speaker has a round design, though it is not as flat as apancake. It measures 4.2 inches across the diameter and clocks 2.1 inch thickness. It is pretty light at around 3 ounces. A loop at the top adds to its portability. You can attach a carabiner or a lanyard tag here and carry your music out the bathroom with you. It comes with a suction cup and a carabiner hook to hang it up. That’s quite the haul of accessories at its lowly price. But there is no auxiliary port, so you can’t play music in the wired mode.

All the buttons of this wireless shower speaker are on its sides, diagonally opposite to each other. These are the volume, power and call buttons. The volume buttons also work as track skipping buttons based on the duration of button press. The speaker is IPX4 rated. This means it can take a fair bit of moisture and even the infrequent water splash. But do not drop it in water. It is not made for submergence.

The wireless connectivity of this Mpow Bluetooth shower speaker is enabled by Bluetooth. This connection allows a range of 30 feet between the speaker and the playback device like your smartphone, tablet, PC etc. You get 3 hours of music playing out of a single charge. Charging it to full capacity takes only 3 hours compared to UE Roll 2’s 5.5 hours.  The device automatically powers off in 15 minutes when it is not tethered to any other device via Bluetooth. This helps conserve charge. There is a small flap that covers the charging port. This is a micro-USB port that can be charged using any common Android phone charger. The seal around it is to keep the moisture out

The Mpow buckler shower speaker also has the microphone capability. The call quality is okay. This is only for extreme situations so most affordable shower speakers do not concentrate on empowering their microphones.


The Mpow Buckler wireless shower speaker has a 5W driver. It performs much better than the small speakers with 3W drivers. They have the punchy bass that we expect out of speakers. The bass can give you the vibe to do a thorough scrubbing. It does not equal full-sized speakers like UE Megaboom, but it is present.

The mids and highs are articulate. An audiophile might warm to this shower speaker, if they were to hear it. Bluetooth connection holds steady and avoids any static. The audio remains undistorted even at high volumes.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with suction cup and carabiner clip
  • Loud and clear sound with good bass
  • Has speakerphone


  • No aux input port

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  1. TaoTronics Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersOn this best waterproof shower speakers list, we have gotten used to speakers the size of cupcakes. Here’s another one that fits the bill. TaoTronics wireless shower speaker is an adorable-looking thing that would look fancy stuck on your bathroom wall. It is only water-resistant and not as waterproof as the UE Roll 2 or JBL Clip 2, hence its spot way down the list. But it satisfies the minimum requirements most of us have of shower speakers. It can take constant moisture and steam.

Design and Features

The rubber-coated body of TaoTronics Bluetooth shower speaker is easy to hold.It is shaped a lot like a doughnut. Instead of having the whole front face covered in speaker grille like Photive Rain or VicTsing, it has the button controls there. These include the power button in the center. Surrounding it are track skipping buttons, Play/Pause buttons and call button. Track navigators also moonlight as volume controls. It is charged via a pop-open cap that hides a USB charging port. There’s no auxiliary port like we found in Ecoxbt or Roll 2. A silicone suction cap is included in the pack.You can only use this shower speaker attached to a suction cup. There’s no way to hang it.

The round shape of this wireless shower speaker measures 3.4 inches across the diameter and 2 inches in thickness. It only weighs 3.4 ounces and edges close to Boom Swimmer in that challenge. The major bummer is that it is only IPX4 rated. This means it can survive moisture and occasional water splashes. Be sure not to aim your shower at it. You can always keep it on the tile skirting while it plays your favorite grunge music or morning-pick-me-up song.

Bluetooth connectivity is solid in the TaoTronics Bluetooth shower speaker. You will not face frequent connections drops as with many low-quality Bluetooth devices. This speaker can crunch out 6 hours of work per charge. It has a built-in speakerphone that can be used to make calls via your phone. You have to be really close to the speaker to be heard properly over the call. Since it would be stuck to a wall and you would be taking a bath, you would not appreciate this feature much.


The TaoTronics waterproof shower speaker makes up for everything with its audio. It is plenty loud. You can hear it over the most rickety showers when you bathe. For a speaker this small, that’s a considerable achievement. It sounds rich and full-bodied. Bass is adequate and partners with the mid and high frequencies nicely. The midrange works well to an extent. It doesn’t have the clarity of UE Roll 2 or bigger speakers. But to a casual listener, it will sound clear enough to play their favorite songs. As long they are not orchestral tracks, you’ll be fine. If you shower to Chopin’s nocturnes, turn to bigger, better speakers like Photive Rain or Ecoxgear Ecoxbt.

With a shower speaker this small, the finer points are glossed over. It performs to its maximum potential without distortion or sibilance.


  • Compact size
  • Water-resistant
  • Loud and balanced
  • Has speakerphone


  • Mic is not that great
  • No clip to hang this up

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  1. Superior Sounds BT-W110 Waterproof & Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Best Waterproof Shower SpeakersLooking like a miniature speaker from the 80s, the Superior Sounds BT-W110 Bluetooth shower speaker is a good investment. It looks good. It is completely waterproof. It has the audio to get your shower-time powered up. Its durability and convenience leaves something to be desired. But the design has plenty of potential. Maybe Superior Sounds will get it all right with a newer version. Till then W-110 has earned its place in the best waterproof shower speakers list.

Design and Features

Unlike the highly utilitarian speakers like Photive Rain, the Superior Sounds wireless shower speaker is unabashedly glamorous. It has the round boxy structure of Photive Rain, but it comes with a glossy plastic finish. To cap it off, a golden rim runs along in a circle that accentuates the glossy finish. The front face has all buttons. The middle one is a Play/Pause button that’s most frequently used. It is guarded by a power button, track navigation buttons and a call button. The track skip buttons can also be used to increase or decrease volume.

The rotund body of this Bluetooth shower speaker is 3.4 inches in diameter and just as thick. It clocks a weight of 8 ounces. This might not be optimum when you attach it to the wall via the suction cup. It is IPX7 rated. So if it falls off the suction cup and lands in the bathroom tub, it would not be damaged by water. But the physical impact should be taken into account.

This waterproof shower speaker connects to any device that is Bluetooth-enabled. Once you get connected you can play songs through any app like Spotify or iheartradio. It has a Bluetooth range of 33 feet. The battery lasts through 6 hours of frolicking after one charge. This is on average volume. You might be able to get more out of it if you use it at lower volumes.

The speakerphone facility of this shower speaker allows you to take calls hands-free. Superior Sounds claim that you can also voice Siri commands through it. One feature that we miss here is the voice prompt about battery life and switching on. When your eyes are smarting from the effect of soap, these voice prompts area life saver.


The Superior Sounds wireless shower speaker is such a small and affordable entity, that its audio is hard to critique from an audiophile point of view. You get decent, clear audio. Your songs do not sound muddy or hollow. We haven’t encountered any static from the Bluetooth connection as such.

If you only use this shower speaker in the shower, you might not feel the need to reach the highest volumes. It plays loud enough at normal volumes. At the highest volumes it does show distortion. If you are the kind who likes to blast your music at top volumes, go for the Photive Rain or Mpow Buckler shower speaker.


  • Good-looking speaker
  • Suction cup attached
  • Loud sound
  • Comes with speakerphone


  • Distortion at high volumes
  • Has a proprietary charger

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