The Best Gaming Speakers in 2017

The Best Gaming Speakers

Gaming must be a full-blown experience to be fun. The PlayStation and Xbox games are intricately engineered for audio. When they are coupled with the right gaming speakers, they have the potential to rock your world. The best gaming speakers are attuned to the nuances that make hunting down the enemy such a game. The best ones combine the power of bass with Surround Sound for an authentic experience. They come equipped to be easily set up and be within easy reach to operate. We went speaker-shopping when Uncharted 4 enchanted us into submission to PlayStation. We picked out the best gaming speakers that would fit a hardcore gamer’s modest budget to a well-off bloke’s man cave.

Gaming speakers 2.1 vs 5.1?

When decide to shell out the greenbacks, you need to choose between 2.1 system or 5.1 system. The 2.1 gaming speakers are a stereo system with two speakers in front of you. This may or may not include a subwoofer. The 5.1 system is a Surround Sound setup. Here, two speakers are positioned behind you, in the room. They will have a more immersive and realistic sound. The downside is that there will be that many more wires to handle. Making space for all the hardware can get difficult unless you have a dedicated game-room.

Which are the best gaming speakers?

Gaming speakers run neck-to-neck in their specs. We evaluated them closely to create a list of the 10 best gaming speakers that balanced the following factors dexterously:

Audio: Your success in the game depends on listening for the enemy. You have to anticipate the future assassin before she or he is upon you. Spatial cues and clarity of spoken commands cement your success in a team. How much you enjoy the game depends on how meaty that explosion was how the deep the rumble of a rescue helicopter sounds. Bass is the most important element of a gaming speakers’ audio. So they usually come with a bass level control.

Ease of use: The sound output may change based on the source you connect the gaming speakers to. So you must be able to tune the master volume and bass volume readily. The controls must be accessible from your vantage point. The initial setup process must not be tedious.

Budget: Gamers usually need to invest in a lot of gaming-related accessories. It’s hard to explain those in your finances as it is. Splurging on a set of speakers might be crossing the line. But fret not. The best gaming speakers we selected sit in the affordable to moderately-priced range. So whether you are 20-something working a dead-end job or an affluent father-of-2, you will find your gaming speakers here.

Accessories: Radio Shack is never too far when you have to setup your speakers. But wouldn’t it be smashing if your they come with all the necessary thin gummies needed to install them? The best gaming speakers enter the market armed to connect and start firing away the bass-power.

10 Best Gaming Speakers in 2017 – Chart

PictureNameSpeaker SystemPriceRating


NameSpeaker SystemPrice


 1. Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System 2.1$$4.5 
 2. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer 2.0$$$ 4.3
 3. Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System 2.1$$4.3 
 4. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 30 Watt Powered Speakers with Subwoofer for PC and Gaming Systems 2.1$$ 4.2
 5. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System 2.1$$$4.2 
 6. Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System 2.1$$4.2 
 7. Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System 2.1$$$4.2 
 8. GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Speaker System 2.1$$4.0 
 9. Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers 5.1$$$ 4.0
 10. Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer 5.1$$ 
  1. Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

The Best Gaming SpeakersLogitech creates foolproof computer and gaming peripherals. Z623 home gaming speaker brought back nostalgia for the Logitech products that last forever. This is an incredibly powerful set of speakers. It retails at an affordable price compared to other THX-certified speakers in the market. It boasts of the same durability and audio prowess that Logitech usually carries. This 2.1 channel set is the safest buy amongst our best gaming speakers.

Design and Features

Logitech Z623 home speaker system is a set of one massive subwoofer and 2 satellite speakers. This is quite the space-hogger though. The satellite speakers are compact but the subwoofer takes up a lot of room. The speakers stand 7.5 inches tall and 5.6 inches broad. Whereas, the subwoofer is a cuboid of 11.9×11.1×10.4 inches.

The right speaker has the volume, power and bass level knobs. It has two 3.5mm inputs at the back, one for headphone and one auxiliary. The subwoofer also sports a 3.5mm input and RCA ports. These can be used to connect this arrangement to PC, DVD players, music playback devices etc.. PlayStation3 or XBOX 360 can be connected via the cable that comes with them. This speaker set is a permanently wired system with cords running between the two speakers and the subwoofer. If the wires go down, the system goes down with them.

This Logitech gaming speaker has a power handling capability of 200W RMS. Of that, the ported subwoofer can claim 130W. It uses a 7-inch driver. The upward-facing satellite speakers have 2.5-inch drivers each. This set is also available as a bundle with a Bluetooth audio adapter.


The audio response of the Logitech Z623 gaming speaker system makes it a real steal for the price. The initial hear may be underwhelming. But once you find the EQ balance from your playback device, this speaker sounds brilliant! It meets the basic THX standards. The bass cuts deep into sub-bass realm at the flat response point of the bass knob.  If you are a real basshead, you can turn this knob up all the way and lower the volume for a hysterical Hysteria experience by Muse.

Midrange will power up once you set your equalizer. The dialog delivery is crystal-clear on this computer speaker. The sophisticated tunes and cinematography of Cersei blowing up the Baelor’s Sept in the season finale of Game of Thrones gives you goosebumps. Treble is a smidgen harsh in the untouched audio response of Logitech Z623. With the EQ on, it becomes mellower. Still, if we were to judge, we’d say that the treble is its weakest point.


  • Deep, rumbling bass response
  • Rich, full sound with some EQing
  • Robust set with 7-inch ported subwoofer
  • Can be connected to PS3, Xbox 360, PC, smartphones, tablets etc.


  • Without EQ treble sounds sibilant
  • Permanent wires could be longer

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  1. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer

The Best Gaming SpeakersThere’s a lot of hue and cry over Harman Kardon Soundsticks III speaker system. The dazzling looks of this speaker set is a work of art. It evolved from a similar-looking Soundsticks II. The skeptics argue that it’s all looks and no substance. But we found that accusation baseless. Haters gonna hate.  Soundsticks III sings with panache. Harman Kardon’s sound engineering shines through. The bass isn’t enough for a party but it does plenty good at gaming and movies.  This one literally ramp-walked into our best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

Harman Kardon Soundsticks debuted the awe-inspiring design that became a part of New York Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Soundsticks III has the same architecture with new, improved interiors. The subwoofer looks like a giant stylish bulb and is likewise transparent. The four-driver satellite speakers also have clear shells. You only see the minimal electronic circuits from the see-though cabinets. This is Harman Kardon’s labor of love.

The subwoofer sits 10.2 inches tall on a 9.2 inch base. It casts a light blue glow when it’s in use, making it look more out of this world. The satellites connect to the bottom of this sub. The sub holds the power and bass level controls, a design choice that Harman should have corrected in Soundsticks III. The sub carries a 3.5mm jack for audio input from computers. It has a 20W amplifier to power the bass.

The satellite speakers of this gaming speaker set are a 10-watt arrangement with four 1” drivers. They are tubular structures that sit on doughnut-shaped beds. This way, they can be angled to face you. This is a hardwired system so again, if wires go speakers go.


The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III is a 2.1 gaming speaker system. It performed admirably in our gaming tests. The bass is not the earth-shattering kind. But it had the kick that makes gunshots and explosions full-bodied.  The low-end has good detail in the flat bass response mode. We did not find any distortion at maximum volumes throughout the bass performance.

The treble of Harman Kardon is a tad more refined than the Logitech Z623 gaming speakers. While Z623 is a great speaker in its own right, we just found that extra sparkle with the Soundsticks III. Good formats are also treated well on Soundsticks. It has the capability to keep up with complicated music tracks. Gaming and movies will benefit from its crisp sound.


  • Stunning looks
  • Crisp, balanced sound with punchy bass
  • 4-driver satellite speakers
  • Speaker orientation is easy to manage


  • All important buttons are on the subwoofer
  • No headphone jack

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  1. Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System

The Best Gaming SpeakersLogitech Z506 gaming speaker is a full-set 5.1 Surround Sound speaker which can transform virtual game scenario into a real-life-like encounter in no-time. Equipped with a subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers, this set is a robust soundblaster. It is aesthetically designed and makes good use of space. It is versatile in its ability to connect with different devices. It lost the mounting facility that its predecessor had. But its audio has made advances, all the while maintaining a lowly price. We galloped with it right into our best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

The Logitech Z506 gaming speaker set has a contemporary-looking architecture. The pointy edges have been ditched for smooth curves and ergonomic cabinets. Apart from the four side satellite speakers and subwoofer, there’s a center speaker with a retractable stand. This stand can be used to mount it on top of the monitor or television. The Z506 speakers cannot be mounted although their predecessors could.

This gaming speaker set has 3 audio-in jacks, one headphone jack and 2 stereo RCA input jacks to connect various devices. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are easily covered within these. The subwoofer bass control is at the back of the sub and this design decision deeply pained us. But we are willing to overlook it. Volume and power buttons are on one of the right satellites. The whole system is wired. It has a combined power-handling capability of 75-watts.

The center satellite is a dual speaker system. And the rest of the satellites are single-speakers. Setting up the elaborate system is very easy. The RCA ports through which satellites connect to the sub are color-coded to ease up the process.


Logitech Z506 gaming speaker set is one of the cheaper Surround Sound 5.1 systems you will get in the market. Its audio makes the price as worth it as the hardware. The ported sub has a 5-inch driver and it directs music downwards.  You see thumping bass a smidgen below the mid-level for flat response. This setting will work for movies and games and we are suggesting this because the bass knob is hard to reach. The audio is as immersive as 5.1 gets. The fight sequences and rat-tat-tat of gunfire are surreal and real around you.

The satellites perform vigorously. They do not have to compete with the sub to stand out. The vocals on music were warm and clean. There is absolutely no distortion from this gaming speaker at any volume. The balanced sound kept us engaged through all kinds of audio.


  • Sub , 4 side satellite speakers, one center speaker
  • Punchy bass and balanced sound
  • Multiple ports for connection including headphone input
  • 1 Surround Sound


  • Bass knob is hard to reach
  • Stereo separation is hindered by Matrix Mode

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  1. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 30 Watt Powered Speakers with Subwoofer for PC and Gaming Systems

The Best Gaming SpeakersIf you are restrained by a very small budget, Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 speakers would be the right pick. These speakers are exceptional performers for their price. They get loud and powerful to wake up the neighborhood. CA seems to have listened to the feedback about button placement on many speakers.Their desktop pod puts all the speaker controls within easy reach. These are fashionable speakers and do not reflect their quite competitive price. We stripped off our audiophile airs and jogged it right into our best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

Gaming is a full-time indulgence for young men and women. So they are forever looking for budget-oriented peripherals to keep their World of Warcraft alive. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 fits right into this mold of good audio, fanciful design and creative architecture. This is subwoofer and 2 satellite speaker set. The sub stands 10 inches tall and 8 inches broad. The sleek satellites are each 8 inches tall and 3 inches broad.

Apart from the key pieces, it has a small circular desktop controller pod. This is a pleasant addition that makes controlling the speakers very easy. It is connected to the speakers via 6-feet cable.  It holds the 3.5mm auxiliary port and the headphone jack on the sides. A little further on the side is the sub volume. You can alter bass levels with this wheel. The top face of this pod is the volume wheel. It is built to tactile advantage.

This gaming speaker also comes with a dock where you can place your phone or iPod. It comes with all the cables necessary and they are very long. They can be comfortably routed to set up your speakers around the TV or computer. It also ships with a short 3.5mm male-male cable. The accessories are a big plus at their price.


If you turn down the bass and listen to the satellite speakers of CA-3602 gaming speaker set alone, you can hear the clear and crisp treble response. Even without EQ there’s no harshness. Unlike the Logitech Z623, you can use them right out of the box. The volume got loud and thundering when turned all the way up.

When we turned on the subwoofer with its 5.25-inch driver, we were happy for the price we paid but no more. The bass isn’t as detailed as the Logitech Z623. But that also costs three times the CA-3602. The bass wasn’t hollow or distorted. But it felt a little muddy at the lower frequencies. Again, these problems are evident to an ardent music purist. The general populace will be thrilled with the natural audio response and loudness. Together the whole set handles 30W of RMS current.


  • Highly affordable
  • Comes with a desktop pod with all buttons and controls
  • Lengthy wires
  • Loud and natural audio
  • Good treble performance


  • Bass is little muddy

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  1. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

The Best Gaming SpeakersKlipsch ProMedia 2.1 gaming speaker system is a handsome deal that courts moderate price and high-end sound together. The matte-finish and classily muted looks couple with such drastic audio that you will be forced to accept in in spite of all the shortcomings. Toeing the highest end of the Surround Sound 2.1 audio, these speakers are insanely loud. If you have a healthy budget, nothing extravagant, then pitch in for these, because they rocked their way to the best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

Klipsch ProMedia gaming speaker set has a brawny subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The subwoofer is around 10 inches tall and just as broad. The satellites are 8.5 inches tall and angle their face upward. The wires from the speakers are hardwired so the system is doomed if the wires get damaged. The cords run long at 9.5 feet and are pretty durable from what we saw.

The button placement is one gripe we have with the design of this gaming speaker. Both master volume and bass level knob sit on the right satellite speaker, which is fine.  But the power button hides behind the sub. So if you want to switch off the speaker set, it’s going to involve some awkward crawling. We would have liked to see a remote control or a control pod like the CA 3602 with ProMedia. After all, we are paying premium for it.

There’s a headphone jack and a 3.5mm aux input on the right-hand speaker. If you want to connect wirelessly to this speaker, you can look at some USB dongles to do the trick. The sub packs a 6.5-inch driver. The satellite speakers each have a 0.75 inch tweeter and a 3-inch woofer.


Klipsch ProMedia gaming speaker set is capable of reaching 106dB at the maximum volume. That’s a little louder than the Logitech Z623. However, it would be rare for you to hit more than 60% of the top volume with Klipsch. Z623 wins the game with bass with its bigger subwoofer. But the bass response of Klipsch is, by no mean, lacking. It has plenty of juice in the lower registers. It is just a tad more thumpy than the Z623.

The treble and midrange audio is clear and crisp. They are not muddied by the bass at all. The vocal can breathe without bass interfering with them. There’s the slightest distortion at high volumes but you are not likely to play that loud without having the cops called on you. Apart from the occasional clumping of notes in the bass, it is definitely worth the price.


  • Deep balanced sound, no muddiness
  • 1 THX certified
  • Good-looking speaker set
  • Long 9.5-foot wires


  • Power button is behind the sub
  • Bass response could be clearer

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  1. Genius SW-G2.1 2000 2.1 Channel 45 Watts RMS Gaming Woofer Speaker System

The Best Gaming SpeakersGenius SW-G2.1 2000 gaming woofer speaker system is dedicated to playing staccato rap of gunfire and meaty explosions. This looks and sings like a gaming speaker. The design may look a little inconvenient with its many protrusions but it is pretty easy to place. In a surprise design decision, they have added a control tower to the 3-piece set. We take this move with a pinch of salt. However, Genius SW-G2.1 supersedes many other speakers in the market for a coveted spot on our best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

Genius SW-G2.1 2000 gaming speakers have the curves that gamers like.  Done up in all black, they sport pulsating blue lights on the satellite speakers. These are a nice effect and can be switched off if you live with your mom. The satellite speakers stand 7 inches tall at their top most point. The wooden cabinet of the subwoofer is almost a cube and spans approximately 10 inches in all directions. The controller is a lean box that measures a little less than 3 inches in width and stands 7.5 inches tall.

The control box is the hub for all wire connections and has all the control buttons. In the front, it carries the speaker volume and the bass volume. There’s a mute button that goes by the name ‘Stand By’. Another Source button is used to switch between the aux inputs in the front, back or the RCA plugs. The power button resides at the back of this control box. It also carries the mic input. While the control box modularizes the functionality, we have to hook it up to the speakers and the sub. That adds extra wires and creates an organization problem.

The satellites of this gaming speaker system can be wall-mounted. They are semi-hardwired because of the power cord. The system boasts of a total RMS power of 45W. It comes with two 3.5mm male-male cable and a one aux-to-RCA plug cable.


Bass gets down and dirty with the Genius SW-G2.1 2000 gaming speakers. At a setting above the flat response mark, bass sends physical vibrations through everything around the subwoofer. Bassheads and gory gamers will love that effect of this gaming speaker. The refinement of audio is decent. It cannot match up to the top sets like Z623. But it is in the top percentile. The audio engulfs you when you connect to PC for gaming.

Only trouble we had was in the highest frequencies. They did not have the fizz to them that’s necessary to match up with such visceral bass. Dialing the bass down a little bit and EQing the treble can redeem the sound for you. That is, if you notice the lack of upper treble in the first place.


  • Deep visceral bass
  • Separate control tower for knobs, buttons and connections
  • Speakers can be wall-mounted
  • Dual input jacks and headphone jack
  • Catchy design


  • Upper frequencies are a little tame
  • Control tower adds extra wires

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  1. Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System

The Best Gaming SpeakersIf you can go big in terms of size, price and audio, then Corsair SP2500 2.1 gaming speaker is the way to go. It consumes quite a bit of space so you must have the real estate to accommodate it. This 3-piece set comes with a controller and some massive capability for audio. It can get loud and majestic at low volume. Corsair does demand a high price for this beauty. If you want to spend moderate, we will advise you to stick with the Logitech Z623. But if you want mind-freaking sound, we have the SP2500 in the best gaming speakers list for you.

Design and Features

Corsair SP2500 gaming speakers are going to take up some room at your gaming altar. But we don’t pick any bone of contention with Corsair because they have their most useful functionality down on a remote control. We could easily connect the sub and stow it out of the way of our PC. It comes with more than its fair share of cables too, so setup is a breeze. No connections are hardwired on this speaker set but some of the cables are difficult to replace.

The sub of this gaming speaker has one RCA input and one 3.5mm aux input at the back. In a creative brainstorm, Corsair placed one 3.5mm aux input at the top of the remote control. It also holds a micro-USB port. The remote control is a fancy device. It holds the power button, volume and bass volume buttons, a menu button and a scroll wheel. Once you press the volume button, the scroll wheel is dedicated to it. You can see the volume level on the screen. Pressing the scroll-wheel button mutes the volume.

The subwoofer stands 18 inches wide and approximately 10 inches tall and deep. On the other hand, the satellites are 6.2 inches tall and 4.7 inches broad. The sub packs an 8-inch driver run by a whopping 120W RMP power amp. The satellite speakers have a 3-inch midrange driver and a 1-inch driver each. They consume 50W each.


Corsair SP2500 gaming speaker comes equipped with many preset EQ and audio options. This remote is very user-friendly and the different audio options make a real difference. It has karaoke mode where the vocals are filtered out so that you can sing to the music. Handy or what! Its late-night mode automatically shuts down the sub so that the missus and kids can sleep peacefully.

As far as the sound quality goes, the massive power of this gaming speaker reflects on it. The bass rings deep and true. The midrange and treble are crystal clear. The sound does not distort at any volume. SP2500 reminds you what a 2.1 Surround Sound is actually capable of.The balance of audio is precise with the partnership of taut bass, pure midrange and refined treble going strong.


  • High-power speaker with balanced sound
  • Comes with a highly intuitive remote
  • All cables are removable
  • 2 aux and 1 RCA plug input


  • Sub is bulky
  • Cables are short

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  1. GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Speaker System

The Best Gaming SpeakersGOgroove BassPulse computer speaker sure puts the spin on gaming. This attractive set is backed by a decent sound. The gameheads will like the way this speaker has been designed to reflect their virtual personalities. This gets plenty of attention. For casual gamers and movie-addicts, the audio has everything they need. We struggled with our audiophile vanity but our objective mindset won. BassPulse has a straight ticket to the best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

GOgroove BassPulse gaming speaker has a striking profile. It consists of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The speakers are a thin glass-like plate, which is actually plastic. There’s minimalistic speaker circuitry attached to the clear plastic. This sheet has indentations of geometrical patterns. Speakers are super-light and consume very less space. Subwoofer, on the other hand, looks like a CPU but it’s smaller. It also has a clear plate attached to its front side with markings.

Wondering what the clear plastic is all about. You have to switch on the button near bass volume and give the output wire a shove into the sub and light floods the markings on the glass plates. The results are something spectacular if the room lights are out. They look like a work of art. If you like gaming in the dark, then this gaming speaker is the way to go.

For the rest of the part, BassPulse is pretty ordinary. It can connect to various devices through an aux 3.5mm input or a headphone jack. All controls are on the front of the bass unit. This is again, a mistake that many speakers have reiterated. GoGroove claims that the LED light pulses when the bass volume is turned above 80%. This set is available with red, blue and green lights.


Many people like their bass to be all-powerful and trip their soda off the table. GOgroove BassPulse has this unique ability. The sub is only 10W RMS and the speakers are 5W each. The bass beat right next to us, creating strong vibrations from its side-facing angle. The lower register is not as clear as we would like it to be. The Soundsticks III and Logitech Z623 had clearer bass details. BassPulse does not have the same control over bass. So the lower midrange may compete with bass in some tracks. But the highs are played out gracefully by the satellite speakers.

There is no distortion except at high bass and unit volume simultaneously. We liked the speakers a lot for gaming. They have the attitude and the audio for this purpose. The 2.1 stereo sound surrounds you when you are blowing the heads off your enemies.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Powerful bass
  • Satellite speakers are lightweight
  • Has headphone jack


  • All controls are on the sub
  • Speakers are made of cheap plastic

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  1. Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers

The Best Gaming SpeakersIf you are going to blow money all-out on a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound gaming speaker, there is no better product than Logitech Z906. The price is great for its worth. It comes as a full set of sub, satellite speakers, a console and a wireless remote.  The audio immerses you into whatever deranged violence you are indulging in, virtually. HDMI ports are conspicuously missingfrom this mammoth set. But they are pretty valuable regardless, hence their place in our best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

The investment made on Logitech Z906 Surround Sound gaming speaker does not go into its looks. The set has a low-profile appearance. It’s not pretty like Soundsticks III or sleek like the BassPulse. It looks a little bulky. But appearances can be deceiving. The Z906 speaker set has solid construction that lasts ages, just like an old Chevy. There are 8 pieces of hardware on the set. These are 5 wall-mounting satellite speakers, one console, one subwoofer and one wireless remote.

The subwoofer uses a side-firing architecture for maximum power out of its 165W amplifier. The bass response is from an 8-inch driver. The console carries all the controls and volume knobs. It recognizes the different channels via LEDs and different inputs by number. There are three audio modes that you can choose from: 3D Surround Sound, Stereo 2.1 and Stereo 4.1. All these functions can also be controlled by the remote control.

All the input ports of this gaming speaker are on the subwoofer. There’s an analog stereo input and a 3.5mm port for smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.  There’s a six-channel input for computers. Digital audio inputs are available to connect to DVD players and gaming consoles.


Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers indulge in rich, deep audio that is oddly fulfilling to listen to. Bass is not hard-hitting. But it hides the aggression just below the surface. It is tightly controlled from over-powering the midrange. Vocals and acoustics are constructed with intricate details that prevail over the bass of explosions. The high frequency is the real stand-out portion of the spectrum. They are crisp and play without any sibilance. The audio quality leaves very little room for complaint.

The capability to play Dolby True HD would have made the Z906 gaming speakers hit a home run. Barring that, they sound pretty good for their price.


  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Complete set with console and wireless speaker
  • Rich and full sound
  • Refined audio


  • Console operation is not very straightforward

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  1. Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Subwoofer

The Best Gaming SpeakersLogitech encores with the amazing X-540 gaming speaker set. It is the predecessor of the Z906 but it’s still a sturdy horse in the running.   Apart from the reliable sonic response that we have come to expect from Logitech, this speaker comes with a lot of convenience options of placement. They are built to occupy minimum space. They have kept the aesthetics simple in an effort to curb the price. X-540 turned out to be an all-round performer that smartly maneuvered its way into the best gaming speakers list.

Design and Features

Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound gaming speaker consists of a subwoofer, 4 satellite speakers, one central speaker and a wired remote control. To keep the game real, it comes with a game console adapter as well. There are color-coded wires for six-channel surround sound on PCs. The colors make them easy to pair on both ends. These speakers are highly durable. They have been in the market for a long time. And they still make the top charts.

These gaming speakers sit on a 180-degree rotating base.The base can be swiveled back so that they can be wall-mounted.  This is a clever design trick that optimizes space and speaker configuration. The center speaker can be placed near the computer. Or it can be placed on top of the monitor. Each speaker has a driver and a tweeter combination.

The power, main volume and bass level controls are on the remote.  This controlling pod can be kept close at hand while you are blasting orcs. When you have a simple stereo source with a single input, activate the Matrix mode to activate all speakers in a Surround Sound mode.


Logitech X-540 gaming speaker set is a boon for the users who have a low budget and need to utilize that 5.1 Surround Sound-ready card on the PC. X-540 has a balanced and immersive soundstage that gives away a lot of positional cues. The ability to use matrix mode to convert 2-channel stereo to Surround Sound expands this 3D experience to simple music playback devices as well. Matrix Mode does not sound as natural as the original audio but at least you have the option.

The audio response of this gaming speaker is agreeable and fun without being spectacular. Of course, at its price, we did not expect too much. It sounds more refined than your TV speaker but falls short of an elaborate home theater.


  • Enjoyable 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Can convert 2-channel to Surround Sound
  • Space-Smart design
  • Can be wall mounted


  • Wires are short

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