Best Bluetooth Speakers with Radio

You could be one of those people who juggle the past and present with relative ease. You prop up your phone 50m away from the speaker and blast music all day through. And you also tune into the radios once in a while, hoping to listen to some timeless song which used to be your favorite. Fortunately, you don’t need two different speakers to tune into the latest and the traditional musicplay. There exist truly rich-sounding Bluetooth speakers with radio in the market. This is a niche product, you won’t find in many well-known brands. But there are solid wireless speakers with FM/AM which can fulfill any casual listener’s musical appetite.

Do Bluetooth speakers sound worse than wired speakers?

There’s always a difference in quality of audio between a Bluetooth speaker and a wired speaker of the same price. Given that a wireless and wired speaker have the same internal system and differ only in modes of connectivity, the wired will sound better. This is because Bluetooth sacrifices some audio quality while transmission. No matter how hard you try, this loss of data will occur. Bluetooth speakers that could exactly simulate a wired system would be too costly.

But the good news is that lately, with technologies like AptX, there’s hope that Bluetooth will perform better. Do note that both the playback device and the speaker should support AptX for it to work. Bluetooth audio is compressed. AptX also compresses the audio, but in a different manner.

Have you heard of internet radio?

In the age of internet, it is only natural that you have internet radio too. It is like the traditional radio except that it’s transmitted over internet. In internet radio, the digitized audio is split and transmitted in small portions like regular radio. Unlike podcasts, music is not downloaded on the user’s device. Rather audio is just streamed without any option to stop, pause or skip music as with traditional radio. Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio etc. are internet radio apps. Head units in some vehicles come with internet radio app built-in. All you need is an internet connection to play them. Internet radio is not limited to music. It plays news, sports, interviews or talks just like the good ol’ radio.

The advantage of internet radio is that it is not limited by geography. A station in Asia can be received in the US. Indians living in US can get local Indian stations and feel like they have come home. The internet radio is cheap compared to traditional radio. So you can create radio content for a small group of targeted customers without investing much. And most importantly, net radio is not limited to audio streaming. The ads on net radio can be more interactive bridging the divide between sellers and customers. For example, instead of simply listening to the advertisement vocally, you would have the links to the site from they can be bought.

Why should I buy a Bluetooth speaker with radio?

There are a few advantages of such an arrangement:

Portability: Bluetooth speakers offer easy portability. You can take your music with you without being tethered down by wires. Earphones lock you within their radius from your phone. Plus the proximity of earphones is bad for your ears with continued exposure. The speaker can play without power cords as long as the battery stands out. That means less of a wire nest for you.

Radio: The radio has some exciting talk shows and music shows that will engage your attention. Or maybe you just want somebody to create your playlist and play it for you, as in go with the flow. A Bluetooth speaker withradio is a portable option to achieve all this.

Price: Since these are niche products, many Bluetooth speakers with radio are available at a low cost. These might not sound as good as UE Megaboom or JBL Charger 3 but for casual listeners, they have rich and dynamic audio. Since the demand is yet to meet the supply, these are relatively cheaper than the mainstream Bluetooth speakers.

There are some Bluetooth speakers that will stream audio from phone which has an internet radio app. We haven’t included them. We have only covered speakers which have in-built AM/FM radio or in-built internet radio app which does not need any connection to smartphone, only a mobile internet connection.

Which are the best Bluetooth speakers with radio?

There were many Bluetooth speakers with radio to choose from, especially online. Some of these have terrible audio even if they are inexpensive. But we picked the top 10 Bluetooth speakers with radio which are definitely worth their price or more based on:

Audio: As we explained before, Bluetooth audio is always dicey compared to wired audio. We looked for Bluetooth speakers that retain the power and depth of the sound. We steered clear of tinny-sounding speakers that get shrilly at high frequencies and distorted at high volumes.

Radio: Radio is a big part of the speakers selected here. The best Bluetooth speakers with radio selected here are known to have good reception. A good tuning dial would make it all the more easy to cruise between stations. Internet radios were also included in the list because the AM/FM may be obsolete in a few years and be wiped out by digital radio.

Price: The best Bluetooth speakers with radio selected here are judged based on value for money. Most of them lie in the moderate price range. As we mentioned before, this niche product comes relatively cheap.

Features: Most of the best Bluetooth speakers with radio have a number of useful features to boost their numbers including clock, alarms, remote controls Airplay, phone dock etc..

Aesthetics: Since portable speakers can be placed in your living room and car dashboards, we selected the cool-looking ones including some antique designs that go with subtle decors.








 1. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic Bluetooth connectivity plus iOS/Android app$$ 4.5
 2. Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker Plays all audio and video apps directly from your mobile device$$$ 4.4
 3. Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box Speaker Wireless Music Options: Bluetooth & NFC Pairing$$ 4.2
 4. Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker Unstoppable Music: Bluetooth, micro SD support, AUX and FM radio$$4.2 
 5. EasyAcc Mini Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Cylindrical microphone design can reduce background noise$$ 4.2
 6. iFox iF010 Bluetooth Speaker The iF010 is engineered to be compact enough to take anywhere$$4.1 
 7. Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage Retro Classic Style Bluetooth Radio Sound System USB Flash Reader & SD Memory Card Reader$$ 4.1
 8. Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA Bluetooth AM/FM Radio Play music wirelessly through the Model One BT$$4.1 
 9. Jarv Big Shot Water Resistant Rugged Bluetooth Speaker Durable, shock absorbing exterior shell and water resistant speaker$$ 4.1
 10. Avantree 3-in-1 Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker and SD Card Player Auto-search & save channels$$ 4.0
  1. ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic

Best Bluetooth Speakers with RadioIon Audio’s Tailgater went through some evolution before it arrived at the iPA77. This new model is not just another Bluetooth speaker. It is NFC-enabled and has an efficient tuner for radio. It has one too many other features that will come in handy on the road. It is more portable than full-size speakers but beefier and more powerful than the can-like speakers like UE Boom or JBL Charger. Ion Audio Tailgater is the best Bluetooth speaker with radio which juggles both roles effortlessly. More iPA77 speakers with the best portable sound systems.

Design and Features

ION Audio Tailgater iPA77 Bluetooth Speaker is short, squat but ultimately good-looking specimen. It measures 12.5” x 9.21” x 13”. The corners are specially reinforced to deal with the rigors of the road. The edge of the top face has a button control panel and bright display for radio channels and battery level. The top side also has a plate to hold your playback device or the mic. Yes, this is a karaoke set. An antenna retracts into a slot on the top of the speaker.

This Bluetooth speaker can connect to the playback devices using either Bluetooth or NFC. NFC allows you to connect to another NFC-enabled device with just a single tap. It comes with a wired microphone. It can be plugged into the panel on the front side. The same panel also has a 3.5mm auxiliary input that can be used for connecting the playback device in a wired manner. There are separate knobs for mic and master volume of the speaker. A USB port on the panel allows this speaker to work as a USB battery bank. So, if you are on the road, you might appreciate this backup.

The radio gets its reception from the retractable antenna. A button in the front allows you to switch between AM, FM and Off. Two buttons are used as tuner and navigates through the frequencies. The frequency is shown on the bright LED display.  Dedicated buttons can be used store six FM and six AM stations. An iOS or Android app is available for extended control of the speakers. ION can live out 50 hours on a single charge.


It’s a surprise that people would buy pint-sized speakers when at the same price ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker can easily rock out a 50’ x 50’ area.  This speaker brings big sound. It can get a party going. There’s no distortion or sibilance at high volume. The audio sounds smooth and rich. It’s no audiophile fare. But at this price, we cannot complain. To the casual listener, it sounds banging. You can put it out by the poolside (away from water) or the patio and enjoy the radio music. Straighten the antenna for better reception on your favorite local channels.

The mic that ships with this Bluetooth speaker with radio is very sturdy and functional. It’s not the cheap specimen that needs to be replaced immediately. In fact, it could be the center piece of a fun-filled karaoke night.


  • Fully-equipped karaoke tailgater
  • AM/FM radio with 12 station storage
  • Bluetooth and NFC-enabled
  • USB charger
  • 50 hours battery life
  • Big party sound


  • No wheels for transporting


  1. Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker

Best Bluetooth Speakers with RadioLibratone Zipp is a WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled speaker with in-built internet radio capacity. It’s, by all means, the most technologically evolved speaker in the best Bluetooth speakers with radio list. The Zipp commands a price to go with it.  But we are talking audiophile level sound and the most modern features here. It is also available in a 1.5-inch smaller version called the Zipp Mini. The impressive spec of the Zipp is a no-brainer for the best Bluetooth speakers with radio list. It brings great value to those customers who have the budget to buy it.

Design and Features

The Libratone Zipp Bluetooth speaker with internet radio is one of those cylindrical new-age speakers. The speaker area is covered by a cloth. This can be zipped open, hence the name Zipp. The cloth covers are available in 8 colors and you can get a different sock for your speaker at a small price(relative to the speaker itself). Standing 10.3 inches tall and 3.3 pounds heavy, this is a portable speaker. However, if you are looking for something more compact, the 8.8 inch tall Zipp Mini will do. A leather strap attached to the speaker allows you to hang it off your backpack bag or hooks in the ceiling. The bottom has rubber feet that keep it stable on any surface.

In terms of connectivity, this Bluetooth speaker with radio is future-proof. It connects to the source using Bluetooth, WiFi, Airplay(for iOS devices) and DLNA(Android devices) and Spotify Connect. Of these, WiFi connectivity is the best for retaining original music quality. Spotify Connect allows you to play music directly from Zipp without needing your smartphone. Instead of being restrained by a proprietary app with respect to the music it can stream, Zipp streams from audio and video app natively. So you can stream audio from any app to Zipp. It claims a battery life of 10+ hours.

You can stream internet radio on the Zipp Bluetooth speaker without needing another streaming device like a smartphone. This makes it a standalone web radio. A heart button on the top face allows you to set 5 favorite internet radio stations. This face has the capacitive ring for volume control. Track navigation controls are also placed here. Most importantly, you can pair up to 6 Zipps with one device and share music amongst them to multiple rooms, quite useful during parties.   It has a 3.5mm auxiliary port for wired listening. A power cord is supplied.


The design of the Libratone Zipp Bluetooth speaker disperses its audio 360°. You get equal coverage in all directions from the speaker. Zipp packs a 4-inch woofer, two 4-inch low-frequency radiators and two 1-inch tweeters driven with a total 100W of power. And the power shines through when you see the Zipp rumbling up the surface it’s placed on. This has powerful and well-defined bass that ebbs the mood of a party. Even at top volumes, the bass has a clean profile. Bass has a bit of a boost. But it does not hamper the mids or overpower any element of a song.

The mids and highs are engineered to match the depth of bass. The mids are pleasant and clear. The highs are smooth but with a nice sparkle that’s easy on ears. The audio is powerful and these folks have tried to carve the audio signature rather than let the natural music flow. But that’s why the sound is fun.


  • Portable but powerful
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplay, DLNA, Spotify Connect enabled
  • Can play internet radio independently
  • Powerful bass, smooth mids and sparkling highs
  • Can connect and share music with up to 6 other Zipps
  • Removable Zipped covers


  • Touch and buttons are not smartly placed


  1. Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box Speaker

Pyle PBMSPG50 Bluetooth speaker with FM radio is a powerhouse of performance. It has so many avenues to stream music that you will never be without your favorite music, no matter where it’s stored. It is guaranteed to be the heart of raucous celebration with its big sound and plentiful bass. This lightweight speaker is modeled like a mini boombox too. Don’t let the retro looks fool you though, it is equipped with all the modern technologies including NFC. With so much going for it, it deserves the top position on the best Bluetooth speaker with radio list.

Design and Features

The Pyle Street Vibe Bluetooth speaker with radio is a horizontal-sitting cylinder with a handle on top. It is 16.6” x 5” x 4.7” and weighs 5.83 pounds. The control panel is stationed on the top surface, under the handle. The front side has a digital LCD display with adjustable brightness. It has built-in AM/FM radio. A foldable antenna is at the top. It can be sprung out when you want to catch your favorite local station or evening news. The radio is not the best on this device, but with some tuning, you can get the strong stations on.

The connectivity options of this Bluetooth speaker are many. Apart from Bluetooth, it is also NFC-enabled. So, you can connect it to the NFC-enabled phones with just a tap. Beneath a rubber flap are three more connecting options. One is a USB port where you can insert your USB stick to play music. It also doubles as a battery bank charging point for your phone or other devices. Next is the SD card port where you can easily slip a 64GB card. You will never need a separate playback device again. Both these slots stream music seamlessly.  The last is a 3.5mm auxiliary cable which allows you to use the speaker in wired mode. The rest are play, pause and navigation buttons. With the last, you can set EQ presets. You can also configure a sleep timer which shuts down Street Vibe after a certain period of time.

We found the brightness of LCD display bearable. There are three brightness settings that can be used to dull it down for the bedroom. The battery life is the only figure we have a quarrel with. This mammoth stays afloat for only 4-5 hours per charge cycle.


Audio wise, Pyle Street Vibe Bluetooth speaker with radio is a hit-and-miss. It houses two full-range drivers facing forward at 10W.  There are certain aspects that work really well. Like the clarity of audio is surprising especially at this price with so many features. A casual listener who enjoys rock, jazz and softer versions of music with definitely enjoy this speaker. The bassy songs also play well but distort beyond a certain volume level. The vocals and instruments have good separation so it handles complicated music with some grace, the details are not muddied per se.

This is not audiophile level gear, but it is a sturdy speaker to have except for the bassheads. The exceptional stereo separation trumps that of the smaller Bluetooth speakers. The in-built equalizing presets give you a choice between Classic, Bass, Flat, Hip Hop, Rock and Jazz. And it gets loud enough to party.


  • Compact and portable for big sound
  • Bluetooth, NFC, USB port, SD card reader
  • Exceptional stereo and instrument separation
  • Powerful loud sound with good bass


  • Bass distortion at high volume


  1. Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker

If you thought Zipp was small, you will find the Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth speaker to be a huge surprise. This is a tiny beast with a well-thought out design and easy interface. It packs a bunch of useful features too like FM radio. The feature is not insignificant either: it really does catch the stations. And if the price was not attractive enough, you will be bowled over the muted tones of the gold model. This fashionable unit deserves all the attention it gets on the best Bluetooth speakers with radio list.

Design and Features

The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker is a cylindrical device measuring 2.6 inches in height and roughly the same in sdiameter. The speaker grille is at the top. The sides have button controls. The Play/ Pause, track/volume navigation buttons are easily accessible on the side. So you can operate the speaker without looking at it. The bottom of the cylindrical face has buttons for mode and power and the input ports. It has a noise-cancelling microphone which allows you to make calls from noisy environments. This microphone also accepts voice commands from Siri, Google Voice etc.. They can be activated by pressing and holding the Play button.

This Bluetooth speaker works within a 66 feet range of a Bluetooth-enabled playback device. It has an SD card slot which is said to be limited to 32 GB cards with MP3, WAV, WMA formats. However, it has been successfully tested with 128GB Evo+ card as well. It has an auxiliary port for connecting music in the wired manner. But you will need your own 3.5mm male-male cable for that. This speaker chugs out 15 hours of playback on a single charge cycle! It as an auto-sleep function which powers down the unit after it idles for a few minutes.

The FM functionality of the Anker SoundCore is simply amazing. It catches on to stations fast and plays without static. Anker has an excellent way of connecting antenna too. Instead of having one onboard, they ask the user to connect the micro USB cord to the speaker, but without the charger on the other end. This wire serves as the antenna for FM reception. The speaker is available in simple black, sultry gold, muted pink and sleek grey colors.


The Anker SoundCore Mini is a delight to listen to. Especially at its price, everything sounds like sweet melody. This small speaker can create a racket. It has meaty bass which underscores all kinds of music well. There’s no bleeding of bass into mids or distortion at top volume. The vocals sound clear and as intended over the Bluetooth reception. SD card also plays well with equal clarity. As good as it sounds, it cannot match a $150 speaker, but it comes close to perfection at its price.

The FM radio plays without hindrance and delivers good, clean audio of your favorite programs. It is one of the few affordable speakers which make this feature work properly.


  • Very compact with big sound
  • Powerful bass
  • Bluetooth, SD card, FM playback
  • Simple and smart controls
  • Can take Siri, Google Now commands


  • No readout for FM stations


  1. EasyAcc Mini Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

EasyAcc Mini Portable Bluetooth speaker with radio is a cup-sized device that performs defying its size and price. We thought this would be one of those fluke products that have an impressive spec on paper and fails in 3D. But it surprised us. It can easily fill up a small office cabin with sound. Apart from radio, it has bunch of other playback options. At its price, it’s undoubtedly worthy of the best Bluetooth speakers with radio list.

Design and Features

EasyAcc Mini portable Bluetooth speaker stands 5.7 inches tall and barely registers 12 ounce weight. The weight gives it a solid feel. It’s not one of those rickety products that flood the market. The cylindrical design hides a mic which can be used to take calls from the connected playback device. The buttons are at the bottom of the cylindrical face. This includes on/off, Mode, Play/Pause, track/volume navigation etc. the mic is also situated here. The bottom face has a rubber mat that keeps the speakers from slipping off of glass tables. Only design con is that there’s no battery power indicator or LED indicator for the Mode selected.

This Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0. This is an energy-conserving format and one of the latest. The FM radio functionality is built into the EasyAcc. Most often it was able to connect to the local FM stations very well. The range of reception is good. However, this may not be true of all pieces. At such small budgets, there could be inconsistencies between pieces. It also has a 3.5mm aux port which can be used to connect it in the wired mode. The battery lasts almost 6-7 hours at 50% volume level.

Apart from Bluetooth and FM, this wireless speaker with radio can also host a Micro SD card. This means you won’t have to connect it to any playback device. It will play the music sequentially as saved in the SD card.  You can use an app to randomize the music when placed on the SD card. The microphone design is such that it will cut down background noise provided you are within 20cm of the speaker.


Don’t be fooled by the size of EasyAcc mini Bluetooth speaker with radio. It can be easily heard in a mid-sized room. In fact, when used at the desk it doesn’t need to go beyond 50% volume for personal use. Small as the speaker, it never sounds tinny or lacking in the bass section. There’s not much sub-bass extension but the speaker has plenty of bass presence. The vocals and guitars sound clear, not muddy. The range of audio is nice and full. The top frequencies have been smoothened down so that they won’t have any bite at the low volume. Some people may not like that.

Otherwise, EasyAcc Bluetooth speaker provides quality sound output at a far too menial price.


  • Big sound for small size
  • Full audio range with no distortion
  • Bluetooth, FM and SD card playback
  • 6-7 hours battery life
  • Speakerphone equipped


  • No battery level or mode indicator


  1. iFox iF010 Bluetooth Speaker

iFoX iF010 Bluetooth speaker brings solid performance to the table as both a wireless speaker and a radio device. Another tiny device, the iF010 brings remarkable sound too. It has simple controls which iFox has squeezed multiple uses out of. From adults to kids, everybody will love this versatile little talent. Owing to its multiple uses, we raced it straight to our best Bluetooth speakers with radio list. More of the best Bluetooth speakers to choose from.

Design and Features

The iFox iF010 Bluetooth speaker looks like a cylindrical watch case. It is approximately 2.7 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter. The jet black unit has patterned holes on the top face and the logo on the sides in hot orange. The power button goes at the bottom where it accompanies the rubber stubs the speaker stands on. There are four buttons at the bottom of the cylindrical side including Play/ Pause and volume navigation. The latter also double as track skipping buttons. A mode button is placed on the side to select which input the speaker is playing from.

The Bluetooth connection of this speaker stands strong within the specified distance. It can also be plugged into the audio source using a 3.5mm male-male cable that is shipped with it. A 3.5mm port is marked ‘line’ on the speaker. You can play music off a micro SD/TF card. It also has speakerphone capability over Bluetooth. So you can take an incoming call directly from the speaker without disconnecting. You can even use it for a group call with other parties sitting around it. Though we aren’t sure how far their voices will be picked up.  The battery lasts through 6+ hours on a single charge.

The iF010 Bluetooth speaker with radio has the FM functionality too. You can get better reception on the radio if you connect the micro-USB charging cable. It doubles as an antenna. The Play/Pause button is used to scan the stations. There’s no display for the frequency selected. It is an especially thoughtful gift for the kids who want to listen to their audiobooks or their favorite program on the radio station. At its price, it will easily fit in your budget too.


The iF010 Bluetooth speaker with radio has big sound for its small size. The sound signature has boisterous bass for the size. We had expected some tinny fare. But we were surprised by the depth of the sound. The male and female vocals could rise above the bass. The sound has plenty of punch. It gets loud too. You can keep it at the desk and enjoy the audio while you work. Sound quality is great for the price.

FM functionality is not a show-off feature here. You get good reception with clean, static-free audio once you have connected the ‘antenna’. We spotted a lot of channels with the antenna plugged on.


  • Small size, big sound
  • Bluetooth, SD card and FM radio playback
  • Meaty bass
  • Good FM reception


  • No readout for radio frequency


  1. Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage Retro Classic Style Bluetooth Radio Sound System

Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage Retro Bluetooth speaker has more to offer than just the audio. It is a visual treat that would look appropriate in a Victorians ship’s cabin. It usually stands that there’s not much substance behind the show. It’s partly true in this case. Many people have posted good experience with this speaker. But some units are just not that great.  Still the good ones raked up enough good repute that we put it straight in the best Bluetooth speakers with radio list.

Design and Features

The Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage Retro Bluetooth speaker is a cylindrical box of 7.1” x 11.8” x 7.1” dimensions. It is something that we would love to keep on the mantle in the front room. The front side has a large number dial and three knobs. One of the knobs is for volume and it shuts the speaker down at the minimum setting. The center knob is for tuning. This helps you switch between various radio stations in the vicinity. The last knob is for selecting between various playback sources that the speaker supports.

This Bluetooth speaker has a wireless range for connecting to smartphones or tablets. A USB slot is available for connecting a USB stick. You can connect USB card directly and play music off it. Do note that the USB slot cannot be used to connect to phones or other devices. But this port does double as an output for battery charging. PUNP34BT can work as a battery bank. It also has an SD card slot which can be used for music playback. It has a 3.5mm auxiliary port to connect to the modern playback devices like smartphones and tablets.

The PUNP34BT Bluetooth speaker with radio can connect to local FM/AM stations. The frequencies are changed with the dial in the front like the traditional radio. Beware, the dial is quite sensitive, so you might want to turn it carefully. We were only concerned about the wireless connectivity being Bluetooth 2.1. It’s not the latest so the connection may fail occasionally. For this reason alone, we think it should demand a lesser price. Casual listeners were taken by its appearance and normal performance.


Like we explained before, Pyle invests significantly more on the looks than the audio. The PUNP34BT Bluetooth speaker with radio has decent audio. The sound emerges from dual in-built full-range speakers. You get crisp and clear sound where the midrange has good presence. Bass doesn’t get boomy or muddy the sound. Bluetooth streaming is clean when properly connected. Audiophiles will not be amused by the sound but casual listeners will take the imperfections in their stride.


  • Elegant vintage design
  • Bluetooth, Radio, USB, SD card playback
  • Decent audio quality


  • Pricey for the audio


  1. Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA Bluetooth AM/FM Radio

The Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA Bluetooth speaker with radio is the epitome of simplicity done right. The wood veneer cabinet is a definite sign of elegance and opulence. This speaker has limited features compared to many others listed here. But it executes these speakers so well. The audio is also top-notch. So this speaker delivers style with substance.  That and its superb radio are enough to land it in the best Bluetooth speakers with radio list.

Design and Features

Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA Bluetooth speaker with radio is a glossy little wooden cabinet with a metallic front side. It measures 5.2” x 8.4” x 4.5” in all directions. It weighs a measly 4.1 pounds. The speaker grille is in the front. This face also has the good ol’ radio tuner and two knobs, one for volume and one for the mode of playback. It is a beautiful fixture for any part of the house. But do note that this speaker does not have a battery. It has to be roped in to the charging cable continuously.

The wireless connectivity on this speaker holds strong within the range. We never saw any issues with static or connection drop when connected to our smartphone or tablet. The other option is radio. Even if you don’t engage the external antenna, Tivoli speaker scans and catches the local station fast. The radio tuner knob brings in a touch of authenticity just like the traditional radios. All the knobs are quite intuitive to use. The radio reception exceeded expectations.

While online, we noticed that the price of this speaker fluctuated quite a bit. If you are looking for a good deal, wait for the prices to drop. You can own this hi-end looking speaker at a more affordable number. It is available in Black ash/silver, walnut/beige, White/silver, Black Ash/Black Silver, Cherry/Silver combinations.


We regarded Tivoli Audio M1BTCLA highly because of its excellent audio. The suave looks do not glaze over any average audio. This is the rich, warm sound that you expect from wood speakers. The bass reaches deep and creates a nice base for the vocals. The midrange springs beautifully and complements than bass rather than compete with them. The sound is neither tinny nor muddy. There’s no sibilance at high volumes either.

It might not be for the basshead. But it plays all genres well with its balanced sound signature. The radio also delivers excellent sound. Even though this Bluetooth speaker with radio is expensive, it sounds worth every penny.


  • Warm, balanced audio
  • Elegant wood veneer cabinet
  • Excellent radio reception
  • Vintage touch with the radio tuner.


  • No USB card or SD card readout


  1. Jarv Big Shot Water Resistant Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Jarv Big Shot Bluetooth speaker with radio packs one more feature that opens up a whole new level of use. This is a dust-, shock- and waterproof speakers+. You can take it gymming, backpacking, camping etc.. It is compact enough to be portable too. Even with its small size comes big sound. Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio create an exotic combination here. The Big Shot took a big shot at the best Bluetooth speakers with radio.

Design and Features

Jarv Big Shot Bluetooth speaker with radio is a small, cool cylinder. It is 3.7” and 2.8” in diameter. It clocks only 9.1 ounces on the scale for all its machismo. The cylinder is covered in shock-absorbing material which also repels dust. It is IPX5-rated waterproof. This means it can survive water spray but it should not be submerged in water. The top side has the speaker grille. All the buttons are on the side. These include FM Tuner button, speakerphone button, Play/Pause, track/volume navigation and power button. The speakerphone can be used to Answer/Receive calls. There’s a metal loop on the side which is used to connect the speaker to a carabiner clip and hang it off your backpack.

This Bluetooth speaker with radio has a 33 feet range of reception. There’s a slot for MicroSD card or TF card. A 3.5mm auxiliary port allows you to connect to the speaker in a wired manner. The FM radio can be accesses via the tuner button. It has an auto scan for the convenience of the user. This is a battery powered speaker which can survive on Bluetooth connection for 12 hours per charge. If you use it only for FM, the battery draw is relatively less and it lasts 30 hours per charge. The carabiner clip and 3.5mm male-male cable are included in the pack. At its price, this is a good haul.


The Jarv Big Shot Bluetooth speaker with radio is so small that it’s hard to critique it in the same way as the audiophile speakers. It gets loud for its size. There’s no annoying buzz or muddiness. The vocals are clear. The tone sounds balanced and melodious. The speaker did equally well with all genres of music. The FM reception also sounded pretty agreeable. It caught on well to the local stations.


  • Waterproof, dust- and shock-proof
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Decent audio
  • Bluetooth, SD card and FM playback


  • No readout for FM frequencies


  1. Avantree 3-in-1 Portable FM Radio with Bluetooth Speaker and SD Card Player

The Avantree 3-in-1 Bluetooth speaker with radio is a device you can’t get enough of. It has so many functionalities and all work equally well. Given its features, size and price, we didn’t think it could perform all that well. But it took us by surprise. It is a nifty little unit complete with a display too. We had no second thoughts about putting this talent into the best Bluetooth speakers with radio list. There are also more affordable options with the best Bluetooth speakers under 100.

Design and Features

The Avantree Bluetooth speaker with radio is a sleek bar measuring 5.12” x 2.6” x 1.26”. It has a handy strap attached which allows it to be hung from hooks or backpacks. The front face is covered 3/4th with speaker grille. The rest of it has an LCD screen and control button. The top face has FM radio controls. The right side has volume and ports for connection. The screen shows the radio frequency selected to play. It also shows the folders and songs from the playback device connected to it.

FM radio is the major functionality of this speaker. It automatically scans for the local stations. It programs the stations down to different channels. You can type in the channel number and it will pull up the frequency assigned to that channel. You can mute the radio with the Play button. You can use the screen on the player and menu button for navigating though the folders of connected device. You can either play music through the SD card or connect a device through the 3.5mm port. It can connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity is smooth and pairs immediately. At its price, this is a sturdy item.


Avantree Bluetooth speaker with radio sounds great. It’s not an audiophile speaker but you have decent bass and clear vocals. The highs are crisp. The radio also sounds clear and catches good reception. It only stutters a bit when placed indoors. It does not have an external antenna.


  • Bluetooth, SD card, FM playback
  • Screen for folder navigation and FM radio
  • Attached loop
  • Decent audio with good FM reception


  • No external antenna
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