Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 In 2018 – Complete Guide

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

Bluetooth speakers are the kind of luxury that you realize you need only when you buy one.  Speakers open up the music playback and allow you to banter with other people even when you have your music on. If you are new to the Bluetooth speakers legion or just want to stay on a tight budget, there are many affordable ones to choose from. But it can be a galling task. Fret not. Because we dug out a whole deluge of ‘em speakers and created a roster of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 bucks. These should keep your finances safe and your ears content.It won’t cost you an arm and a leg to stay Happy with Pharrell Williams anymore.

Bluetooth speakers VS wired speakers?

The age-old dilemma. The audiophiles will not let any amount of wirelessness desecrate the sanctity of wired speakers. Are they right in doing so? Only partly. Bluetooth speakers use Digital Signal Processing which involves compressing the audio files for better Bluetooth transmission. Now if you are a casual music-lover with no idea of bass-this and treble-that, you are most likely to download MP3 audio files of 128 kbps bit rate.  These sound reasonably similar on wired and wireless speakers. A wired speaker may seem at par with a slightly pricier Bluetooth speaker, but the same audio experience is achievable.

However, if you have higher bit rate audio files like 192 kbps, the gap between wired and wireless speaker performance widens. Music purists will not touch a Bluetooth speaker with a 10-foot pole because their high quality audio files are going to sound relatively less charming on them. But majority of us are casual listeners. So if you prioritize portability or do not have the space for a wire-nest, then check out some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 bucks.

Who makes the best Bluetooth speakers under 100?

There are a number of players in the Bluetooth speakers market. JBL, Bose, UE, Anker, Jawbone etc. are all names to reckon with. When it comes to budget-oriented Bluetooth speakers, we also scouted the newer or smaller brands. Some of them have ground-breaking designs or battery life or sound. We looked at this relatively untapped talent, as well, for our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list.

Which are best Bluetooth speakers under $100?

We found out. After conducting comprehensive research, we selected 10 Bluetooth speakers that not only cost less than a hundred bucks, but they also give you maximum value for your money. They were picked based on:

Audio Quality:Audio is the top priority on our minds. It’s hard to tell the difference between the audio responses of smaller speakers. We took into account the minute distinctions over variations of volume and audio tracks in such situations. If they still sounded same we looked at one of the factors below.

Value for money: Since you are here, you must be looking to make a smart investment. We covered a range of prices up till USD 100. We focused on getting the maximum benefit out of whatever price we pay for the Bluetooth speaker.

Portability: The main idea behind a Bluetooth speaker is its portability. We looked for speakers that were lightweight and compact. We also checked if they could be attached to your luggage or put in your pocket when you feel like taking your music wherever you go.

Operation and Features: While we only need the Bluetooth speakers for listening to music, each button and extra feature makes it more convenient to use. It could be a speaker phone, NFC capability or even a power bank, we value it.

10 Best Bluetooth Speaker in 2018

PictureNameBattery LifePriceRating


NameBattery LifePrice


 1. JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker 5 hours$$ 4.4
 2. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker 24 hours$$ 4.4
 3. JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker 12 hours$$4.4 
 4. Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 10 hours$$$ 4.3
 5. TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker 8 hours$$$ 4.2
 6. UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 10 hours$$4.2 
 7. BRAVEN BRV-1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 12 hours$$4.1 
 8. Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker 5 hours$$4.1 
 9. Philips BT3500B/37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5 hours$$ 4.1
 10. Sony SRSX2 Ultra-Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 5 hours$$4.0 
  1. JBL Flip 2 Portable Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100JBL Flip 2 comes from a worthy legacy of fantastic audio. JBL has accomplished the highly complicated task of packing big sound in such a small and affordable package. Portable Bluetooth speakers are generally limited by their sizes. But the JBL Flip line manages to hoodwink those restrictions. Apart from the average battery life, Flip 2 excels in every other aspect.It flips right onto the top spot on our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list. We would have selected Flip3 but it flips a little over the $100 mark. This list is, after all, all about budget.

Design and Feature

JBL Flip 2 wireless speaker looks like a celebrity speaker, especially in its black and white models which sport delicate silver trims. It is shaped like a canister but its top and bottom faces are slanted. We thought that Flip 2 does not sit vertically because of these, but it actually does! This budget-oriented speaker is covered with speaker grille on most part of its cylindrical body. It stands 7.5 inches tall at 12.8 ounce weight. We call that portable.

Off to one side of the JBL Flip 2 portable Bluetooth speaker sits a micro-USB charging point. This is a highly sought-for upgrade from the Flip which had proprietary charger. There’s an auxiliary 3.5mm input next to it to connect playback devices in wired mode. The top face of this speaker holds the power, Bluetooth paring, call and volume buttons. Play/Pause and track navigation buttons are conspicuously absent. But since Bluetooth devices are meant to be controlled from a distance, most people won’t mind.

Wireless connectivity works via both Bluetooth pairing and NFC (Near Field Communication) on this wireless speaker under 100. NFC or Near Field Communication is a wireless protocol to stream data just like Bluetooth. You can simply tap two NFC-enabled devices for quick pairing. Flip 2 chugs out only 5 hours of battery life per charge on moderate volumes. This is much lower than the market average of 8 hours that even cheaper speakers can provide. To compensate, this speaker comes with a sturdy can-like zippered case and a fancy wall charger.  It also has an integrated noise-cancelling microphone to take calls when it is connected to your phone or computer. The sound is relayed articulately on both sides. Anker  A3143 lost some points because it does not have a speakerphone.


JBL Flip 2 portable wireless speaker definitely gets its sound right. It packs two amps with 6W rating and a bass port. Together they churn out real loud volumes for its size. Its bass is punchy without being overbearing. It is taut and the quality of the Harman brand shines through. UE speakers in the Boom line deliver more bass but they are expensive.

The midrange is the true artwork of this Bluetooth speaker. It is forward-sounding. The vocals are clear and smooth with a deep bass underscore.The treble has a similar boost. It can sound a tad harsh at the highest volumes. Compared to these two elements, the bass sounds a little mellow. If it were boosted this portable Bluetooth speaker would sound too sculpted. So we take the bargain. Flip 2 is also agile in its audio. It responds to complicated tracks very well.

The Flip 2 sounds a little louder and better than the original Flip because of the better power handling capabilities. JBL Charge 2+ has a richer sound than both, courtesy its 45mm drivers. But it is that much heavier and larger. Flip 2 wipes the floor with other speakers of roughly the same price, even the UE Mini Boom.


  • Loud and full sound
  • Forward, warm midrange
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stylish looks
  • Has noise-cancelling speakerphone


  • Low battery life, 5 hours

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  1. Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100Anker has been taking on the terrific speakers territory for a while now. The less discriminating folks on e-commerce websites gravitate towards their smart pricing. They end up getting great audio and invincible battery life in the trade. Anker skimps on accessories to bring down the prices. But we don’t begrudge them because they use standard hardware that’s easily available. Anker SoundCore is so slick, it slides right into our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 bucks list.

Design and Features

Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker has the most unassuming look we have seen in affordable speakers. Most inexpensive speakers try to look snazzy to draw attention. This one is simple, black and cuboidal. The front face holds the speaker grille. The button array is embossed on the top side. These include the volume controls, power button, pairing and a multifunction button. The last one performs Play/Pause/Skip/Call answer functions. Off to one side of the speaker, lie an auxiliary port and a micro-USB port for charging.

The Anker wireless speaker weighs around 12.5 ounces. The plastic casing around its sides makes it resistant to physical shock. It comes only with a USB cable for charging. You have to find a wall charger of your own. A disembodied voice guides you through the pairing process. There’s an in-built mic to attend calls on the SoundCore.

Wireless connectivity works seamlessly in this Bluetooth speaker. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of 66 feet. If you have more walls in between the speaker and the playback device, this range will shorten. The realistic figure is closer to 40 feet in a normal living space. Battery life is a whopping 24 hours per charge! That is almost five times as much as the JBL Flip 2.It can also be played while charging. So you will never be cut off from your music.


A flat natural response is Anker SoundCore’s strength. The bass starts showing up a little after the 100Hz. So it sounds a relatively hollow compared to its costlier brother, the Anker A3143. It is usually difficult to put the bass on a pedestal in speakers this size. But SoundCore does more than its size demands. There was no bass distortion at high volumes.

Midrange and highs sound very pleasant on this Bluetooth speaker. Even though A3143 has more bass, it sounded a little muffled and unclear overall compared to SoundCore. The latter sounded smooth and clean in higher frequencies. Treble had a much better presence in SoundCore than in the A3143.

The depth of detailing is not as good as the JBL Flip 2 or JBL Charge 2 +. But JBL has years of experience backing them up. So Anker does well for casual listeners. If you have a more discerning taste in music and like your orchestral tracks to sound fluid, you should consider the JBL Charge 2+. The nice, open audio of SoundCore wireless speaker is fills up a mid-sized room easily.  JBL Flip 2 is louder and has slightly better bass presence.


  • 24 hour battery life
  • 66 feet Bluetooth range
  • Rich sound, especially midrange and highs
  • Has speakerphone
  • Compact and portable


  • Bass is lean at lower frequencies

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  1. JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Bluetooth speaker is an awkward middle child between 2 versions. But its blossoms into a real talent as soon as you switch it on. The rich, deep audio of Charge 2+ is alluring. It gives serious competition to many pricier speakers like the UE Boom. The trade-off is higher size and weight. It also sits closer to the $100 mark than many other speakers on this list. Its winning performance makes it worth the while of our best Bluetooth speakers under $100 list.

Design and Features

Like JBL Charge 3, Charge 2+ wireless speaker is also a can-like design. This one is a little more conservative-looking, in our opinion. You get 7 funky colors of Charge 2+. It stands 8.5 inches tall and weighs 21 ounces. It is almost twice as heavy as the JBL Flip 2. It is still portable but you will be aware of the weight.A micro-USB port, an aux input and a USB-out port are positioned strategically on it.

The cylindrical body of the Charge 2+ Bluetooth speaker is covered in a speaker grille. A panel runs down on one side and holds the button array. These include the volume buttons, Bluetooth pairing button, power button and a call/Play/Pause/Skip button. An additional button for ‘Social Mode’ is also provided. With this button you can pair three devices with one Charge 2+ speaker and play music in turns. Whoever presses Play gets the preference. A battery-life indicator LED strip is placed under the buttons. Having all the buttons on board makes it easier to leave the playback device behind. Flip 2 is at a disadvantage here as it does not have the basic Play/Pause button.

JBL Charge 2+ Bluetooth speaker can double as a 6000 mAh power bank. This feature can be used via the USB-out port. It has a battery life of 12 hours per charge on its own. It is also splash-proof, so you can take it to the shower, but don’t dunk it in water. It also has a speakerphone to attend calls on the go.


JBL Charge 2+ Bluetooth has the immersive audio that should be costing much more.  It packs two 7.5W drivers. So that means a power handling capacity of 15W. UE Boom can get a little louder but Charge 2+ has the real bass moves. There are bass ports on the two sides of this speaker. And you can see them pump up the bass into action. It does not cross over to the midrange.  Bass is tightly controlled and adds unassailable power to Charge 2+’s performance.

The higher frequencies sound just as great. The overall sound is balanced and smooth. Midrange really benefits from the strong undercurrent of bass. It adds more dimension to the classical music. However, the bass bump might be obvious up to the audio purists.That being said, even the upgraded Charge 3 cannot match the audio control of Charge 2+ wireless speaker.


  • Warm, loud and delightful sound
  • Splash-poof and durable
  • Acts as power bank
  • Can pair to 3 devices at a time


  • Heavier than Flip 2
  • Charging ports are open and may get damaged

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  1. Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100The best of Jawbone’s pioneering efforts in Bluetooth speakers realm shows in the Mini Jambox. It is a vortex of potential. The outstanding looks of this speaker, in many of its metallic colors, became something of a style statement. The fact that it could play ridiculously great audio for its size earned it more brownie points.Now that the prices of these premium speakers have dropped, the music-lovers on a budget can feel its vibes. It jams its way into our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list.

Design and Features

The Jawbone Mini Jambox is a 2.2-inch thick and 6 inches long box. It weighs only 9 ounces. It is the daintiest of ‘em all. You can carry it around in your pocket or shove it into your purse. It can be a great companion when you go camping and want your music to accompany you. Even though it is feather-light, its body is constructed out of a single piece of Aluminum. The speaker used to be available in 8 colors. All colors except black seem to have been discontinued but they are still available online.

The grille pattern on the Mini Jambox Bluetooth speaker is its highlight characteristic. The bold pattern defines its style. Different colors of this speaker sport different patterns. It is the haute-couture of speakers. It has three buttons on the top: for volume and play/pause. The side carries power and Bluetooth pairing buttons and the charging and aux ports. You can use the Bluetooth pairing button to share the music between two Mini Jamboxes. The Play button also activates Siri or S-Voice.

A great feature that all Bluetooth speakers in the Jambox line have is the LiveAudio. This special technology widens the soundstage and makes the sound more dynamic. You also have a Jawbone app that can enhance the capabilities of the already awesome Mini Jambox.

The battery of this wireless speaker lasts through 10 hours per charge. It has auto power off function when the playback device disconnects or shuts down. It automatically pairs with devices when they come live on Bluetooth. It also has a speakerphone for urgent calls.


As ultra-portable as Mini Jambox Bluetooth speaker is, it does not skimp on sound. There are constraints on its volume and bass capacity because of the miniature scale. But it overrides many challenges and sounds better than many of the bigger speakers too, especially at its current price. Bass is a little more than you expect out of its dimensions. It matches up with most people’s requirement of the lower register.  Place it in a corner to get more out of its bass performance.

The midrange is comfortably navigated with highlighted vocals. We think that Mini Jambox plays acoustic music the best. This wireless speaker cannot get louder than the bigger-sized JBL Flip 2 or Charge 2+.It won’t sound as full-bodied either. The LiveAudio mode only affects the specific tracks that are encoded for it. But you can see the digital voodoo taking shape in these songs. LiveAudio can make it feel like the sound is coming from a huge home theater speaker. It is immersive but plays quieter than usual audio.


  • Stylish design and ultra-portable
  • Balanced audio with decent bass
  • Can be used to mirror music with other speakers
  • 10 hour battery life


  • Not very loud
  • Other colors have been discontinued

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  1. TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100TDK Life on Record Trek Max A34 Bluetooth speaker balances its functions all-round. There is no one single characteristic that you can fault it on. You feel like you are nitpicking. A34 is a simple music-machine with an enjoyable sound. It won’t walk the ramp at Paris fashion week but we liked the elegant cut. It has all controls for playback on board. The battery life and Bluetooth performance is decent. This speaker is too far above average to be left out of our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list.

Design and Features

The straightforward lines and curved edges of TDK Trek Max A34 wireless speaker pack some weight. This 9.5 inches long box is 2 inches thick and weighs about 3 pounds. On the bright side, it is highly durable. It is also IP6- rated which means its dust and splash-proof. It will take some water splashing with panache, but do not throw it in the pool. It will sink and die faster than Jack holding on to Rose. On an all-black face, the only adornment is a metallic medallion at the center carrying the brand name.

The A34 affordable wireless speaker has the buttons running on the top. Apart from the secondary power button, it has volume controls, Bluetooth pairing and call controls. The rightmost side is dedicated to playback buttons. These include separate Play/Pause and track navigation buttons. Yay! This is something that JBL Flip 2 missed. There’s a closed hatch on the side of A34 speaker that holds the power port, USB-out port, a 3.5mm auxiliary port and a master power button.  The flap keeps these ports dry even if water splashes on A34.

This Bluetooth speaker can get through 8 hours of battery life per charge. It charges via a proprietary charger instead of micro-USB. The USB-out port can charge a smartphone in emergencies. It also has a speakerphone to attend calls. If you are close to the speaker, your voice will relay well, otherwise not. Both Bluetooth and NFC pairing are available on this speaker in a 33-feet range. With NFC you can tap to pair your device faster.


Placing Bluetooth speakers like the TDK Trek Max A34 near reflective surfaces best utilizes their audio energy. It has a wholesome sound. It performs well, overall, with 2 drivers and a subwoofer. It might not sound as evolved as the trendsetting Bose SoundLink Mini 2 but it is getting there.  A34 has shown slight improvement over its predecessor, the A33.

Owing to its real estate, the trek Max A34 wireless speaker sounds very loud. It can power up a middle- to large-sized room.  The bass has oomph that smaller speakers like Mini Jambox lack.A34 makes use of its maximum abilities to dole out the bass frequencies. Mids have a slight push and they stand out. Vocals, guitars, sax etc. have the liquid quality to them. Treble is the only region that could make amends. It gets harsh at high volumes. That’s possibly because of lack of refinement at these frequencies.


  • Balanced sound with ample bass
  • Doubles as battery bank
  • Has Bluetooth and NFC
  • Has separate track skipping buttons


  • Heavy
  • Treble gets sibilant at high volumes

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  1. UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100UE Mini Boom wireless speaker barely qualifies, cost-wise, for the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 list. But it has some discounts going on most websites. It has UE’s audio engineering on its side. UE has some pretty spectacular speakers like the Megaboom and Boom 2. Mini Boom comes with similar audio abilities, trimmed slightly by its size. You see vestiges of the trippy colors that adorn UE Roll 2 and Boom as well. The companion app support from UE really makes a difference to its use. We would be too prude if we kept it out of our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list.

Design and Features

UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker comes in a conservative package. It is not sleek like the Mini Jambox. It looks a little boxy and is redeemed by its curved edges. Now that we think about it, it looks a lot like some yesteryear radios. It measures 4.4” x2.6” x2.2” across three dimensions and weighs 10.6 ounces. It is highly portable as you can note from dimensions. But we didn’t like the way we had to arrange our stuff when wanted to pack it. Its rubberized exterior makes it resistant to shocks.

UE believes in having minimum controls on their Bluetooth speakers. The Mini Boom only carries three oversized buttons on its top face. These are for Bluetooth pairing and volume. The back side carries the micro-USB charging port, the power button and an auxiliary 3.5mm input. Auxiliary cable is not included at its actual price and that’s a bummer.

The Mini Boom wireless speaker can connect to playback devices via both Bluetooth and NFC, if available. Bluetooth connection has a range of 50 feet. It decreases as you add walls in between. But connection strength is still impressive because it does not drop that often. The battery works for 10 hours per charge before giving out. You can download their companion app for completely controlling the speaker behavior. It has the battery progress bar and you can even use it to create a stereo pair.

UE Mini Boom is available in 4 pleasing color combinations: all-black, orange/white, black/red and purple/green. We started appreciating its looks more once we got used to it.


UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker uses two 1.5-inch drivers and a 3-inch subwoofer to craft its audio output. At its size, it’s difficult to have a lot of juice in the sonic response. Mini Boom does very well in battling its size constraints to produce a full and loud sound. It does get loud enough to fill up a mid-size room.It can hit the 90dB mark as compared to Mini Jambox which can only hit 80dB.

The bass performance of this affordable Bluetooth speaker is commendable for its puny size. Midrange also sounds clear and lively. Only the highest frequencies are a little clouded. Treble detailing needs more work in the Mini Boom. Although stereo, you can barely make out the spatial cues on one of these. You can create a stereo pair by pairing two Mini Booms using their app for more instrument separation.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can get loud for its size
  • Good bass and midrange
  • Has a useful companion app


  • Treble lacks details
  • Fewer onboard controls

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  1. BRAVEN BRV-1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth speaker is an outdoor speaker through and through. It is rugged and waterproof. It looks like a tank.  Like all small speakers, lower registers are not its forte. But given the size restraints, it still dishes out decent audio. Some of its colors make you feel happy. It can also work as a power bank which should make you happier. If its drops its price the slightest bit, it would be a great investment. Even so, we don’t hesitate from having it on our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list.

Design and Features

Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth speaker looks a lot like the UE Mini Boom on machismo tonic.  The curves of the speaker have been ribbed for better grip. The front face is covered in speaker grille. The backside looks like the camera focus with cap screwed on.  It looks beefy but it weighs only 12 ounces. It is 4.7 inches long, 3.25 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep. It has small feet at the bottom to keep the speaker stable on all surfaces. The back side of the BRV-1 wireless speaker has a lid to protect its micro-USB port, USB-out port and power button. A battery indicating LED strip runs under it.

The BRV-1 wireless speaker is IPX7 rated. So it can be submerged in 1m water for up to 30 mins. So you can take it to the beach, hiking trips or camping trips without fearing its early demise. It has a speakerphone that allows you to take phone calls.There are buttons on the edges of the top face. These are volume up/down controls, power and play/pause/call control. The volume buttons also double as track navigation buttons.

The internal battery life of this Braven Bluetooth speaker is 12 hours. The USB-out port lets you charge another device like your smartphone or a portable MP3 player from its internal power bank of 1400mAh. It is isn’t much but it will do during dire situations.  It works well within a Bluetooth range of 33 feet.


Loudness is valued in Bluetooth speakers and you won’t be disappointed with Braven BRV-1 here. It can hit a maximum of 80dB, so it ends up covering a moderate-sized room. UE Mini Boom can get louder than that at its top volumes. BRV-1 has a power handling capability of 6W. It’s not bad for a speaker as light as this.  As you can expect, it does not have a lot of stereo separation. The bass plays well and with some zing. It has good presence wherever required.

The midrange of this wireless speaker offered more clarity. Slower acoustic tracks performed well. BRV-1 fumbled with the more complicated ones. We did not find the treble terrible. As a whole, BRV-1 will work well for a normal music listener. The connoisseurs of music who can tell bass from treble might find solace in its tradeoff with portability and ruggedness. At its current price, it is a strong performer.


  • IPX7 waterproof and dust proof
  • Rubber case makes it shockproof
  • Battery bank and speakerphone ability
  • Decent balanced sound
  • Highly portable


  • Treble details could be better

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  1. Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker is the lightest and most affordable speaker on this list. Resembling a shower speaker, this is a simple device. To keep the cost down, it offers the bare minimum essential facilities. It executes all these functionalities well. Plus it is very compact and easy to travel around with. The amiable colors brighten up your day whenever you dig it out and turn up the music. Such serendipitous device deserves a place on our best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list.

Design and Features

The Logitech X100 wireless speaker is the size of a small pie. It comes in some pretty delicious-looking colors too. These include green, blue/orange, burgundy/red, grey and blue/yellow. Each specimen will cheer you up with the round face and beautifully-patterned speaker grille.  All the buttons are situated on the side. There are four of them : Volume Up and Down, power and Bluetooth pairing button. Volume buttons can also be used to skip to the next track or go one track backward.Compared to the similarly priced speakers, the Logitech’s standard of quality shines through in the elegant curvature of X100.

This Logitech affordable wireless speaker is 3.3 inches in diameter on its round face and 1.5 inches thick. It weighs a mere 5.6 ounces. You can take it everywhere you go in your purse or backpack. There’s a loop at the top which can be used to hang this speaker up. It comes with a wrist and back cord. Even though it is lightweight, we found the X100 to be very durable. It did not knock out of senses with a minor fall.

The only extra feature it has is the speakerphone which functions well. There’s also a 3.5mm auxiliary plug. This can be used to connect a playback device like smartphone, MP3 player or laptop in the wired mode. The Bluetooth connectivity holds strong within 30 feet. This wireless speaker can go on for 5 hours per charge of its Lithium ion battery.A standard micro-USB charger carries out the charging.


Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker is so small and adorable that we tried to keep our expectations rational. We did not want to hate the little thing. And we did not have to.  X100 performed quite well considering its small stature. We did not expect a lot of bass. It produced as much as it could. It played out the simpler songs very well. The songs which were heavy on bass sound slightly hollow, as we figured.

With midrange and highs, we were suitably impressed at how gracefully the audio was handled by this wireless speaker. There was no sibilance at high volumes. Smaller speakers usually get distorted when they near the higher volumes. However, no such issue was encountered with the X100. For the price, we found the Logitech speaker to be a bargain. Only a handful of speakers like Anker SoundCore Sport etc. are comparable. They all sound almost the same. The difference lies in distortion and reliability of the device. X100 wins on both fronts.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Has speakerphone capability
  • Has 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • Decent, distortion-free audio
  • Funky colors


  • Not waterproof or dustproof

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  1. Philips BT3500B/37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100Philips BT3500B portable Bluetooth speaker is a handy gadget that’s twice the length of the very compact BT2500. It offers much better audio response than many speakers in the same range, even those that cost a little more. We liked the sleek design and the volume button quirk. Little architectural details add value to its capability. It has the basic functions packed into it. But otherwise focuses on bringing you pure quality of sound. We liked this flat speaker flat out and put it on our best Bluetooth speakers under $100 list.

Design and Features

The Philips BT3500 wireless speaker is a 7.91 inches long purse-like peripheral which is 1.37 inches thick. If you see it with a woman, you might not recognize it as a speaker. It clocks 17.6 ounces on the scale. The flat body is easy to pack away in your luggage. Otherwise it has an angled corner, through which you can thread a cord to carry it. Either way, it looks more portable than the Mini Boom or Braven BRV-1 speakers.

One face of this Bluetooth speaker is covered with the speaker grille. One edge of it is trimmed off. Philips makes space for a volume knob here. Of all the Bluetooth speakers we have seen, this is a novel concept.  Having a volume knob makes it easy to operate, but then it might be altered by mistake. The top side has limited buttons. One of these is a slider control to switch between Bluetooth audio and wired audio. The other is a Bluetooth pairing/ Call end button. Next to it some space is devoted to NFC. Tapping this area with your NFC-enabled smartphone will pair them. Off to one side lies a micro-USB port and an auxiliary 3.5mm port.

There’s a flip-out stand on the backside of this portable Bluetooth speaker. This can be pulled out to prop the speaker up when you want to direct sound over a larger area.It has a battery life of only 5 hours. Like with JBL Flip 2, we cringed when we saw this number!


Philips BT3500 Bluetooth speaker shows some improvement over the BT2500. The former is double the size and packs two 2-inch drivers. So BT3500’s audio has more richness and depth to it. All good speakers of this size and price range sound almost the same. They play well until they are stopped on their tracks by their size limitations.  BT3500 speaker also falls in the same category.  It plays a natural audio all across the frequency spectrum. It produces as much bass as it can and peps up the songs.

One point that distinguishes this Philips wireless speaker from others is that it has no distortion or sibilance in the normal volume range. Simple music is handled expertly at regular volumes like 50-80% of the total volume.


  • Sleek and portable
  • Has a volume knob instead of buttons
  • Works on NFC and Bluetooth
  • Decent, balanced sound


  • Low battery life at 5 hours

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  1. Sony SRSX2 Ultra-Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100And we are back to retro curves. Sony SRX2 Bluetooth wireless speaker wraps their solid sound engineering into an elegant package.  This speaker wins in the one area where other mini Bluetooth speakers fall behind, the bass. It also gives you multiple connectivity options like NFC and Bluetooth. Sony is a master at fashioning good audio out of nothing and that ability shows with the SRSX2. We liked what we saw and we put it on the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 list.

Design and Features

Sony SRSX2 wireless speaker emulates the curves of Mini Boom. But its contours are more subtle.  It is longer at 6.75 inches and the other edges measure 2.25 inches each.  It weighs 16 ounces even. We would say it’s compact and portable. But as with Mini Boom, we have trouble packing it properly. There’s something about the slim body of the Philips BT3500 that makes it look more orderly.

This Bluetooth speaker rests on 4 stubs which give it grip and elevation over the surface it is placed on.  There’s an array of 6 indented buttons in the top. These include volume buttons, power, Bluetooth pairing and call button. There’s one more button called ‘Sound’ which is used to switch to a different audio mode. As indicated by the buttons, this speaker has a microphone that can be used to take calls that are received on your phone while connected to SRSX2. Sony uses the ClearAudio+ feature to supply clear sound over calls.

Both Bluetooth and NFC help this speaker to work wirelessly over a 30 feet range.  It has a battery life of about 5 hours. Again, this battery figure looks like a joke next to the Anker SoundCore’s 24-hour performance. But if you use the normal volumes, you are likely get more out of this speaker. It charges up really fast. The AC wall adapter, the micro-USB cable and a handsome carry case are included in its box.


We picked out Sony SRSX2 Bluetooth speaker out of a melee of possible speaker candidates because of its natural sonic response. Sony can always to bring reasonably good audio to the table. And it accomplishes that with Sony SRSX2 as well. It plays really loud. Like UE Mini boom it touches the 90dB mark.That is loud enough for a medium or large room to hear.Most micro- and mini- speakers have limited bass capability. So they focus on the midrange. However, the SRSX2 pushes out great bass for its size. The audio has the fullness the low frequencies bring.

Mids are played equally well in this wireless speaker. They might not be as forward as in the other mini speakers. You can press the “Sound” button to enter the surround sound mode. This has a wider soundstage that makes the audio sound more open. Again, the size limits how far this sound truly goes towards being ‘Surround Sound’. It’s a relative phrase in the case of SRSX2.


  • Loud and natural sound
  • Punchy bass performance
  • Compact
  • Has both Bluetooth and NFC


  • 5 hours battery life

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